at long last, I added V16 to the archive. A huge thank you for Team Defan and Tap! :)


Edit: Thanks to /u/TUSF linking me images in higher quality and /u/Mttblue2's editing magic, I will be able to replace them in few days. Thank you both very much!

Edit 2: Really late, I know, but the PDF is replaced with high quality images and translated cover illustrations!;)


Thank you for the praise, though I'm just a PDF compiler passing by. The SAO community did great things, and I wanted to contribute something back. So I decided to create PDF's from every SAO related story I could find out there on the internet.

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TL;DR: The godlike worship belongs solely to the fantastic translator teams we have, I'll humbly accept every other additional praise ;)

Just curious, what PDF reader do you recommend I should use to read the LNs. I have all of them downloaded, but I usually just read them on taps website because I don't really like reading them on my default PDF reader.

I mostly read them on my mobile phone, so it's either the Kindle App or Bluefire Reader, depending on my device (phone/tablet). If you're on desktop, you have free choice. Most Linux distributions have a PDF viewer out-of-the-box, so just use it. On Windows, either Adobe, Foxit, or PDF XChange-Editor? The document should look the same on every device, that's why I distribute it in PDF format.

TL;DR: Use whatever you prefer, PDF shohld look the same on every device.

Edit: If you don't have a mobile internet connection (like my tablet, only WLAN), it's not really possible to read it on the translator's website, and they are published per chapter and not per volume

I read my books on my pphone with universal book reader and it workd perfectly, whether it's a PDF or EPUB.

I read it within two days and I loved it!!

I hope the translation of the next volume will be quicker but whatever, take the time you need. Thank you for the translation.

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