The headliner for the 2018 36th yearly Sun God Festival (SGF) is blackbear, a producer, rapper, and also singer whose many notable songs encompass anxiety and also do re mi. The notice was made v the UCSD together Concerts and also Events (ASCE) official SGF Facebook occasion page.

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blackbear has three albums, Deadroses (2015), digital druglord (2017), and Cybersex (2017). He has lived a life of constant struggle, but, together he listed in a current interview through Clash, he offers his music to develop a space of vulnerability with himself and also with the world.

Other artists on the lineup incorporate Sir Sly, an indie rock tape based in Los Angeles; Cuco, a Latin absent artist from the Los Angeles area; and Robotaki, a Canadian DJ and also producer.

Beyond the music, students can enjoy the arts Park, which attributes live muralists, arts installations, and also student art; the KSDT Lounge with photo booths, arcade games, and lounge seating for relaxing between sets; activities from sponsors choose Rockstar and also Yachak Organic; and also various food vendors.

Natalie Koe, returning Festivals director of ASCE, claimed that she has actually been thinking around this year’s sun God because the finish of the 2017 festival. Together for planning, “some sun God planning happens concurrently with Hullabaloo, however the bulk of it is following Hullabaloo and Winter Quarter, v the critical of time in spring Quarter. For the remainder of staff, castle help bulk during Winter and also Spring Quarter.”

Wave 2 that the SGF lineup will be announced soon and also will incorporate the dance lineup for the various other stage.

The festival is ~ above Saturday, April 28, 2018 indigenous 12:00 p.m. To 6:00 p.m. Undergraduate it is registered is live at Students need to register to attend the festival, and registration closes on April 24th at 11:59 p.m. Students must have actually a valid ID come register and also attend.

Graduate college student will have the ability to attend this year’s festival. According to the main Sun God website, “This includes students registered in UCSD Graduate Programs, Rady School, Scripps institution of Oceanography, institution of global Policy & Strategy, UC san Diego college of Medicine and also Skaggs school of Pharmacy.” ease of access of graduate student tickets will be announced top top the Facebook event page and on the official website.

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