just how to Make tradition Deliveries in last Fantasy XIV Crafting and gathering might seem choose busy occupational at times. However with tradition Delivers there have the right to be an finish goal to help the citizens of Eorzea.

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Adkiragh in ~ The tough Place in final Fantasy 14
The latest major patch upgrade for Final Fantasy XIV will release later this month and also continue significant Shadowbringers storylines. However, v Heavensward becoming complimentary players may be jump-starting their careers by trying out all of the combat work or upgrading your weaponry. Others could be leveling their non-combat tasks to make some extra gil.

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The level 60 Mor Dhona quest Go West, Craftsman will lead players to Geimlona in Idyllshire. She will present clients seeking custom Deliveries. This entails crafting or gathering items when under the Collectable activity acquired indigenous the level 50 quest Inscrutable Tastes at Ishgard’s structure X: 10, Y: 10.5.

Zhloe desires Coins Fish and also Antiques in last Fantasy 14
there is a weekly limit of exactly how many full Custom Deliveries have the right to be filled: at this time 6 every person and 12 among all of them. Characters will inquiry one crafted article shared amongst all practical worker of the Hand, an item shared by Miners and also Botanists, and one details to Fishers. As soon as delivering the best amount, your satisfaction level will certainly raise and the NPC will switch come the following set. ~ finishing all 4 static sets, the customer will have actually a random set of requests obtainable every main which can include a new fifth tier item. They will also permit players to Glamour your equipment, limited to non-combat armor.

Each NPC will have certain collectability thresholds: the minimum is necessary for lock to even accept an item, while no more bonus rewards will be provided for surpassing the maximum. The collectability stat is governed by Control because that Disciples that the Hands and also Perception for Disciples the the floor classes. This means that players need to be equipped with their greatest level gear with strong stat values.

Any gained Yellow Scrips can be provided to straight purchase level 70 tools and armor native Scrip Exchangers in significant cities, Mor Dhona, Idyllshire, Rhalgr’s Reach, or Sanana in Ruby Sea. Yellow Scrips can likewise be downgraded come Blue Scrip Tokens to buy level 60 gear. Part intermittent level gear may also be bought v Scrips, as pursuit rewards, or top top a world’s industry Boards frequently at a heavy premium.


The deliverable items is class agnostic, allowing players to produce it v whichever of their Disciples of the Hand is highest, and then gain the rewards through a different class. As soon as synthesizing an item it is important to with the desired collectability stat by making use of actions the would generally improve Quality. This can include highly effective ones like Precise Touch, or risky gambles v Hasty Touch. Also, be mindful the durability stays above zero by utilizing Waste Not and Master’s Mend.

Mining and Botany

Collectibles have actually their own special mechanics because that these gathering classes. The collectability stat will boost with the use of Appraisal plot that can multiply perception by 50%-150%. Most of this (but not all) will decrease the wear stat, making the harder to gather more items. This typically means that come balance the desired Perception and Wear each single node will likely yield in between 2-4 items prior to being spent.


Collectables will be among the random swimming pool of fishable items. While not mandatory, Patience will provide bonus Perception however lower the possibility of effectively hooking a catch. Precision Hookset will certainly negate this penalty on tiny fish that only tug easy on the line, and Powerful Hookset will perform the same for fish that tug strongly. One need to rarely ever Mooch, as this will likely bring about a non-deliverable rare fish. Due to the fact that every catch is unpredictable, it is important to have lots of inventory space; the is even possible to acquire future Custom distribution items when aiming because that lower-tier ones, or if pursuing other collectible fish.

Kurenai full Glamour Option final Fantasy 14
there are only a select few NPCs who need the player’s assistance, several of whom have specific requirements to meet and also build trust.

Zhloe Aliapoh

Geimlona will quickly carry players come Zhole in the tough Place. She will seek out items the are in between levels 57-60. Do items deserve to be made by purchase items from the Scrap Salvager over at X: 6, Y: 7. Zhloe will request the following items in order together satisfaction increases:

near Eastern Antique, 55-382 collectabilityCoerthan Souvenir, 57-425 collectabilityMaelstrom Material, 59-470 collectabilityHeartfelt Gift, 63-534 collectabilityOrphanage Donation (max satisfaction), 68-604 collectabilityDated Radz-at-Han Coin, Dravanian Hinterlands, 240-400Ice Stalagmite, Coerthas west Highlands, 240-400 collectabilityDuskfall Moss, Churning Mists, 240-440 collectabilityGlass Eye, Sea the Clouds, 240-440 collectabilityRainbow colors (max satisfaction), Dravanian Forelands, 240-460 collectabilityThavnairian Leaf, Dravanian Hinterlands, 175-330 collectabilityGhost Faerie, Coerthas western Highlands, 15-29 collectabilityRed sky Coral, Sea the Clouds, 329-620 collectabilityLover’s Clam, Churning Mists, 45-85 collectabilityRiver Shrimp (max satisfaction), Dravanian Forelands, 75-142 collectability


M’naago is a significant supporting personality in Stormblood and will start requesting requisitions after completing the level 70 main story search Return that the Bull, adhered to by two level 60 side quests Reach Long and Prosper and None Forgotten, no one Forsaken both in Rhalgr’s Reach. Unlike various other customers, M’naago will certainly not enable herself to be Glamoured at full satisfaction levels, likely as result of her being a story vital NPC. To craft her asked for items look for out the product Supplier at X: 9.5, Y: 11.7. Her required items have the right to be make from levels 60-63 and are as follows (with ar if gathered):

Gyr Abanian Souvenir, 157-471 collectabilityFar east Antique, 167-502 collectabilityGold Saucer Consolation Prize, 130-624 collectabilityM people Sundries, 130-663 collectabilityResistance material (max satisfaction), 104-751 collectabilityStarcrack Sand, The Fringes, 240-400 collectabilityShishu Koban, Ruby Sea, 240-400 collectabilityCotter dynasty Relic, The Fringes, 240-440 collectabilityPeaks Pigment, The Peaks, 240-440 collectabilityYellow Kudzu source (max satisfaction), The Peaks, 240-460 collectabilityGyr Abanian Chub, The Fringes, 41-77 collectabilityCoral Horse, Ruby Sea, 41-77 collectabilityMaiden Heart, Yanxia, 49-92 collectabilityVelodyna Salmon, The Fringes, 481-898 collectabilityPurple Buckler (max satisfaction), The Peaks, 129-241 collectability


Kurenai is a character primarily showcased in a series of side quests in the Ruby Sea. One will require to have actually completed None Forgotten, none Forsaken, along with several pursuits in the region starting at level 62: The royal residence of lost Souls, Fathoms Below, A component of your World, The Elixir the Life, The 2 Princesses that Sui-no-Sato, and finally The Seaweed is always Greener. Crafted items deserve to be do from materials bought from the Blue merchant at X: 28, Y: 17. She items deserve to be do or found at level 62-64.

Gyr Abanian Remedies, 195-585 collectabilityAntishark Harpoon, 195-585 collectabilityCold Weather Gear, 130-670 collectabilitySui-no-Sato Special, 130-710 collectabilityCloud Pearl (max satisfaction), 110-780 collectabilityPinch of active Ingredients, The Peaks, 240-400 collectabilityHarpoon Head, The Fringes, 240-400 collectabilityPhial of heat Fluid, Coerthas west Highlands, 240-440 collectabilityShisui Jewel, Ruby Sea, 240-440 collectabilityCloudkin Feather (max satisfaction), Churning Mists, 240-460 collectabilityCurefish, Gyr Abania, 123-230 collectabilityLake Sphairai, Gyr Abania, 409-763 collectabilityWarmscale Pleco, Coerthas west Highlands, 303-566 collectabilityShirogane Clam, Ruby Sea, 63-118 collectabilityIlluminati Mask (max satisfaction), Churning Mists, 135-252 collectability


Adkiragh is a indigenous of Azim that has taken up residence in Idyllshire and also disguised himself in pig attire. His deliveries have the right to be unlocked after the level 65 main story pursuit A Season for War, followed by the side quest Purbol Rain in Azim Steppe, and Between a Rock and also the hard Place in Idyllshire. His booth is in the same building as Zhloe, and materials can also be purchased indigenous the Scrap Salvager. He will request item from level 66-68:

Ishgardian culinary Essentials, 233-700 collectabilityFermented Juice, 233-700 collectabilityDecorative Furnishings, 161-821 collectabilitySignature Buuz Cookware, 161-773 collectabilityArkhi Brewing collection (max satisfaction), 125-900 collectabilitySparkstone, Ruby Sea, 240-400 collectabilityMalleable quiet Material, Yanxia, 240-450 collectabilityStrong Steppe Spice, Azim Steppe, 240-480 collectabilityHard place Furnishing Materials, The Lochs, 240-500 collectabilitySturdy Vat material (max satisfaction), Yanxia/The Fringes, 240-515 collectabilityNorthern Oyster, Coerthas western Highlands, 41-77 collectabilityRuby Laver, Ruby Sea, 49-93 collectabilityChakrafish, The Fringes, 135-254 collectabilityWicked Wartfish, Ruby Sea, 299-561 collectabilityOthardian Salmon (max satisfaction), Yanxia, 161-301 collectability


Kai-Shirr is a reoccurring character involved approximately Eulmore’s plotline. That will start asking for deliveries after the level 80 main story quest Moving Forward after completion of Shadowbringers, adhered to by 2 level 70 Eulmore side quests: The Boutique always Wins and Oh Beehive Yourself. The is trying to refurbish the Beehive, Final Fantasy XIV’s variation of the Honey bee Inn native Final Fantasy VII. Materials for his items have the right to be bought native Dadden in ~ the Aetheryte Plaza. Kai-Shirr’s requests will certainly consist of items from levels 70-73:

Flyer print Set, 233-700 collectabilityKholusian cuisine Set, 233-700 collectabilityHoneybee Trappings, 161-773 collectabilityAirship installation Materials, 161-821 collectabilityBeehive Souvenir (max satisfaction), 125-900 collectabilityRaven Coral, Khoulusia, 240-400 collectabilityAmh Araeng Seasonings, Amh Araeng, 240-450 collectabilityCinquant Stones, Il Mheg, 240-480 collectabilityAirship installation Components, Amh Araeng, 240-500 collectabilityKholusian Misscellany (max satisfaction), Kholusia, 240-515 collectabilityLaxan Inkhorn, Lakeland, 49-93 collectabilityWhite Oil Perch, Kholusia, 59-112 collectabilityFaeshire Clam, Il Mheg, 49-93 collectabilityAreng Dire, Amh Araeng, 399-741 collectabilityKholusian King Crab (max satisfaction), Kholusia, 199-370

These space the current characters seeking custom Deliveries. But, Square Enix releases significant update spot every few months and it is usual for added NPCs come appear and also have new objectives for aspiring crafters and gatherers.

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