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"Stop! My Penis Can Only Get So Erect is a memorable quote uttered by Dr. Algernop Krieger on the Amerideserve to animated television series Archer. The moment once Krieger claims the line has actually because been offered as a reaction virtual to expush excellent excitement.


On February 1fourth, 2013, the Archer episode "Vicious Coupling" aired in the United States.<1> In the episode, Archer and Dr. Krieger (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin and also Lucky Yates, respectively) have the following exchange:

Archer: But, if you do not wanna view two robots shattering each other with cop cars and also shit, as they fight to the fatality via the roads of Manhattan--Dr. Krieger: Bup bup bup bup bup – Sheight. My penis have the right to only gain so erect!"Viscous Coupling", Seachild 4

On September 2first, 2013, YouTuber Andrew Spradbrow common a video of the clip. The post obtained more than 182,000 views in a tiny over 6 years (displayed below).


On October 18th, 2013, Imgur user Oddmonster posted a GIF of Dr. Krieger shirtless and also captioned the post "Speak. My penis can only acquire so erect." The short article got even more than 10,000 views (displayed below).

Speak. My penis deserve to just obtain so erect.

On April 24th, 2014, a GIF of the scene was posted on the website Tenor<2> (shown below).


On October 30th, 2016, Redditor <3> shovelware posted a photo of two human being dressed Dr. Krieger and also his virtual girlfriend Mitsuko Miyazumi on the /r/ArcherFX subreddit. The image was captioned "Soptimal. My penis can just obtain so erect." and also obtained more than 480 points (95% upvoted) in much less than 3 years (presented listed below, left).

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On September 23rd, 2018, Instagram <4> user
nhl_ref_logic offered the reaction as the response to a post about the San Jose Sharks hocessential team. The article got even more than 18,000 likes in less than two years (presented below, right).