This cool and also stylish necklace attributes the ancient Egyptian heiroglyph the Ankh, which stood for the gift the eternal life bestowed upon guy from the Gods. Embellished with beautiful rock or covering inlays (depending ~ above style), this truly distinct pendant is one exceptional fashion accessory. Handcrafted by Thai artisan Goong utilizing the finest sterling silver- and collection on a cable chain that procedures 18 inches v a feather ring closure. Perfect for every styles, this necklace will look great with whatever you are wearing and is additionally perfect for daily wear. Please feel totally free to check out our various other designs by checking our various other listings.PLEASE NOTE: as result of the handcrafted nature that this product, minor differences in design, sizing and also weight will happen from piece to piece. The specific measurements may vary slightly. Photos may no be true to scale, please inspect the dimensions because that the really size.

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Artisan Goong is a very successful jewel designer who has over 35 year of experience. She to be born in the city of Chiang Rai, in north Thailand. Her parents were farmers and also worked an extremely hard to support her and her siblings. In order to help support the family, Goong started working with regional artisans to find out the an abilities she essential to knife money because that the family. She practiced classic embroidery and weaving, yet what she yes, really excelled in was crafting sterling silver- jewelry. Her pieces frequently sold out at the local market and she had the ability to save sufficient to open up her very own workshop. She currently employs a few artisans who assist make her designs, and also at the same time, lock are learning from among the best. We here at love the timeless quality of Goong’s initial pieces because they exude a sophisticated touch elegance that will look impressive with everything you room wearing. “Sa wad dee ka, my name is Goong and also I love making jewel so much. When someone wears one of my designs, i feel so proud that something i made can lug a laugh to their face. Ns get encouraged to come up v the next architecture right then and also there. I usage both modern-day and traditional techniques to create my pieces, ns think whichever technique works best is the one I will certainly use. I execute not simply use one an approach because the handmade is always evolving. Fads come and also go, yet true layout will constantly be in fashion.”-Goong

SKU:Condition:Color:Metal:Finish:Style:Weight:Stone:Overall measurements:Bail opening measurement:Necklace length:Chain type:Clasp:Trademark:
Sterling silver
Fashion, handmade, chain, pendant, cross, religious
4.52 grams
rebuilded malachite
24 mm (0.94 inches) wide x 42 mm (1.65 inches) long including bail
3 mm
18 inch long, 0.75 mm thick
Round spring ring
Stamped 925

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