Stars’ “Your Ex-lover is Dead” takes us inside the psychic of 2 ex lovers as they are introduced at a party. Us don’t obtain the feeling that this to be a love-of-your-life type of relationship. We acquire a chance to hear your inner-dialogue together they agree to record a taxi throughout town.

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Both are keenly mindful of the other, yet are trying come play it cool. In ~ the exact same time, castle are fairly unaffected–compared to other songs with this theme. Conference an ex often tends to lug out life emotion. Below it is largely ambivalence.

The guy doesn’t have actually much come say in the taxi. But it isn’t because he is heartbroken-he is trying to remember her name. The woman is a little more affected. She seems to remember that perusing her and also her not being as right into it as she was. That is questionable whether one of two people remember the previous perfectly.

Two ex-lovers conference is a great topic because that a song. We’ve had actually it top top this perform a pair times now. And also there are a couple notable favorites the don’t rather make the list, choose Dan Fogelburg’s another Auld Lang Syne. If ever there is a time of a sirloin of different emotions the is in ~ times like these. It deserve to be sad, relief, anger, hurt and also anything in between.

StarsThe tune does a great job of express the underlying sadness, though it is mostly underlying. The location tells united state they room both two different human being now–perhaps in a much better place. The is additionally nice that they don’t have actually regrets about their time together. That’s a very progressive perspective that more than likely will conserve money top top counseling.

These are basically two strangers happen in the night.

The reason there is an underlying sadness is because I think that is miscellaneous we lug to the song. At any point in our stays there are constantly world going in and also out and when us hear a song like this it bring a emotion of nostalgia, also if that might not have been the intent.

I like all the choices and also voices top top this song other than the introductory spoken line. That doesn’t carry out anything for me. The imagery is especially an excellent in the song and also the piano does a great job of livening increase the song. The means the song alters tone between the verse, chorus and also bridge add to a unique flavor.

Your Ex Lover is Dead Lyrics

“When there’s nothing left to burn,You have actually to set yourself on fire.”

God that was strange to view you again,Introduced by a girlfriend of a friend.Smiled and also said, “Yes, i think we’ve met before.”In that instant it started to pour.

Captured a taxi regardless of all the rain,We drive in silence throughout Pont Champlain.And every one of the time you believed I to be sad,I to be trying come remember your name.

This scar is a fleck on mine porcelain skin,Tried to with deep yet you couldn’t obtain in.Now you’re exterior me,You check out all the beautyRepent all your sin.

It’s nothing but time and a face that you lose,I made decision to feel it and also you couldn’t choose.I’ll write you a postcard,I’ll send girlfriend the news.From a residence down the roadway from genuine love.

Live through this, and you won’t look at back.Live with this, and you won’t watch back.

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There’s one thing I desire to say, so I’ll be brave,You were what ns wanted,I offered what i gave.I’m no sorry ns met you.I’m not sorry it’s over,I’m no sorry there’s nothing to say.I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save.

Songwriters: Amy E Millan / Christopher Allen Seligman / Evan Whitney Cranley / Patrick McGee / Torquil john Campbell