5 factors Star wars Fury the Maul should Be actual (& 5 Why that Would never Happen) The world of Star wars is seemingly limitless, so right here are 5 factors why epos villain Darth Maul deserves his very own show, and also 5 factors he doesn"t.

Star wars Rebels Darth Maul twin Suns
because that anyone who is unfamiliar through the cruelest April Fool"s hoax in history, IGN once posted a near minute-long trailer for a Star Wars Netflix collection entitled Fury that Maul. Unsurprisingly, the series looked certain epic, and also Star Wars fans and casual viewers alike mentioned that this joke collection sounded like a seriously an excellent time.

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Obviously Fury the Maul is not a genuine series, but since the quantity of Star Wars feature films and also TV reflects that room in production has absolutely exploded in the past few years, the prospect of a TV show about the mysterious and also terrifying Sith known as Darth Maul sounds like a pretty reality possibility. But, like any idea for a series, there space some pros and cons to a actual life version of Fury that Maul. Here"s 5 factors that it need to be real, and 5 factors it shouldn"t.

Warning: Minor spoiler for Star Wars: The increase Of Skywalker ahead.

return the idea that a live action collection about Darth Maul is pretty brilliant, the is a character who has been discover with family member depth in the man Star Wars shows. The has appeared in both The Clone Wars and also Rebels, and also although that is just a supporting antagonist he has actually still gained a fair little of display time end the years.

He"s poised to show up on the upcoming seventh season of The Clone Wars, and also although it would certainly be cool to check out him in his very own individual series, it"s difficult to justify giving him a vast platform once he"s already been a far-reaching character in other shows.

9 Yay: due to the fact that We have the right to See Palpatine"s understand Plan

Star wars Darth Sidious Palpatine
SPOILERS because that Star Wars: The rise Of Skywalker AHEAD, so beware. Yet as we"ve finally uncovered at the end of the 9th installment right into the Star Wars function film franchise, Sheev Palpatine has pretty much been the puppet understand of every little thing from the very start.

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From The Phantom Menace come now, he has actually been functioning behind the scene to bring the dark side right into power end the galaxy. However, we"ve never acquired to know specifically how his plans first began, or exactly how his partnership with Darth Maul even developed in the very first place, and that would be fascinating subject matter for a series.

star wars darth maul lightsaber
clear the end of a story isn"t the only component of a story the matters, but there is something to be said for the reality that us all know how Darth Maul"s story is going to end.

It would definitely be attractive to know exactly how he acquired to whereby he finished up, and since that is still a secret character over there is a lot of that can be fleshed out for him, but beginning a Darth Maul series would basically be prefer reading a book when you"ve currently read the last chapter year ago.

7 Yay: since Darth Maul Is A Mystery

Every Star Wars pan was intimidated and fascinated the very moment the they laid eyes on Darth Maul. And although that has gained some more character exploration past The Phantom Menace, that is in huge part still a mystery.

The reality that 2 sith regulated to exist there is no being uncovered for so lengthy is impressive, and also although he"s among the ideal villains in the whole Star Wars world we all understand very small about him, reasonably speaking. There is no set recipe for success, but taking a popular and unexplored character and also giving them your own present seems like a pretty an excellent one.

Darth Maul is a cool character who can likely carry his very own TV show, however he"s additionally a character that has acquired a pretty an excellent measure of display screen time, and also he"s a character that exists in a fictional world that is precise the dimension of a galaxy and has hundreds of years that potential material to mine from.

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When the prospect of Fury the Maul is looked in ~ from the perspective, it"s more difficult to justify why exactly Darth Maul is precious creating an entire television collection around when there are pretty lot limitless alternatives to pick from.

5 Yay: therefore We can See The development Of A Sith

back the Sith have actually been the main antagonists in almost every Star Wars movie or series ever created, the universe of Star Wars hasn"t really explored the development of the Sith all that much.

The majority of Sith personalities that we"ve seen space either personalities who space Sith by the moment they come on the scene, or they room Jedi who are turned to the dark next at some point. It seems that Darth Maul was discovered by Palpatine and also was trained to it is in a Sith native the gain go, which would certainly be a really interesting story to watch unfold.

Darth Maul is a badass character who has obtained a bit much more character exploration in the current Star Wars animated TV shows, however realistically speaking, the vast majority of audiences are only acquainted with Darth Maul with The Phantom Menace.

At this point, the movie is over twenty years old, for this reason there room Star Wars pan alive today who weren"t also born as soon as The Phantom Menace was first released. The rebirth of the Star Wars franchise does demonstrate that it"s never too late, yet if a Darth Maul series was a possibility, it"s one that should have actually been explored around a decade previously at least.

3 Yay: since We desire To explore The Dark Side

among the reasons just one or two Sith have managed to throw the entire galaxy right into chaos is the they are incredibly clever once it pertains to operating in the shadows and executing their plans without anyone rather being the wiser.

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And having actually this dark and shadowy risk looming over the galaxy is a great antagonistic element, it would certainly be yes, really neat come actually have the ability to see this nefarious plans as they space formed and also as lock unfold. Plainly Darth Maul and also Darth Sidious were specialists at the lengthy game, and it"d it is in fascinating come know precisely how and also why.

Frankly, as soon as Darth Maul an initial came on the step he seemed like this fully unexplained demonic pressure that was practically unstoppable, and also that really operated for his character.

And while seeing much more of the guy behind the curtain might be interesting, it can end up lot like the wizard in the wizard Of Oz, something that seemed impressive at very first glance yet that is ultimately a complete disappointment. Darth Maul"s mystique is a huge component of what do the character job-related so well in the first place, so taking that away may be a vast mistake.

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1 Yay: Because It have the right to Be

Many world might asking why Star Wars: The fury Of Maul have to be real, however a concern that can be asked at this suggest is, why not?

Now that Disney has gained the legal rights to Star Wars they deserve to do anything that they want v it, and given the rate at i m sorry they"re producing Star Wars material it seems favor they space going every in on this legend franchise. They"ve currently hit the floor running with The Mandalorian, and also there"s no reason why they need to shy away from creating a TV collection around a character choose Darth Maul.