The national Lotteries authority (NLA) came right into existence together a Statutory copy, group on 31st December 1998. This to be occasioned by the comes into result of the national Lotteries authority Act No. 27 the 1998. The NLA replaced a formerly existing entity well-known as the St. Lucia national Lottery (SNL).

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However, even prior to the development of the SNL, over there existed in St. Lucia the immediate Money (Scratch) games which were run by the Windward archipelago Cricket Board, under the direction of climate President – Mr. Julian R. Hunte.

This initiative operated rather successfully, until government determined to protect against the Cricket Board and implement its very own exclusive lottery, ostensibly to broaden assistance to sports. Thus, native October 1985 till 31st December 1998, the St. Lucia nationwide Lottery – a creation of room Conclusion No. 1249 of 1984, activate the prompt Money (Scratch) games in St. Lucia.

In 1993, Canadian Banknote (CBN) the an innovation provider introduced the “diskette system” come the SNL which permitted for the arrival of the video game Lotto. This to be St. Lucia’s an initial big jackpot game and it brought about increased interest and participation to the Lottery. Later Canadian Banknote (CBN) listed the lottery through a “Store and Forward” system which provided birth to the day-to-day Number game 3D, which brought further diversity to the lottery commodities offered. The store and also forward mechanism for Lotto was introduced in 1996. 2 years later, in at an early stage 1998, 3D to be discontinued, and replaced by the present Lucky 3 game in November 2002.

Canadian Banknote (CBN) who have been partners with the national Lotteries authority from that inception together the sole modern technology provider, has actually as that February 12th, 2005 taken over together the manager and also operator of the St. Lucia national Lottery under a 20-year monitoring contract and the name CBN St. Lucia Inc. This certain arrangement occurred as a an outcome of negotiations with the federal government of St. Lucia. This endeavor is not new to Canadian Banknote (CBN) together they currently manage several other Lotteries transparent the Caribbean and the wider world. CBN St. Lucia Inc. Is tasked v transforming this lottery right into a more modern-day and efficient Lottery with more games and also bigger prizes for patrons.

Draws are hosted from Monday to Saturday in ~ 1:30pm and from 9:00pm top top evenings. If you’ve missed any type of of our everyday Draws just clik below for access. We understand that you might not constantly be obtainable during attract times, therefore the initiative to lug convenience to you.

You likewise have an chance to watch our promotional events and also marketing activities. That is crucial to us that our players and viewers alike recognizes and also understands what we do to make our gamings exciting and attractive. We style promotional and also marketing tasks to encourage persons to play and at the very same time reward lock for your participation.

Watch daily Draws and also other Media Productions ~ above our society channels.


With so many games to choose from and so countless chances to win the possibilities are endless.


Double everyday Grand match four numbers from 1-22 and you canwin as much as $2000 everyday, Monday to Saturday! Tickets price EC$2.00. The topprize is not shared. The compensation money also rolls down if no ticket matches all 4 numbers and match 3 winners each get $40.00, double the prize! an ext details.

Tic Tac toe A quick pick game drawn from Monday come Saturday. Tic Tac toe ticket a randomly selected set of ripe (9) number from a pool of 21 numbers (1-21) in the typical three-by-three (3 x 3) Tic-Tac-Toe matrix. An ext details.

3 select 3 number from 0-9, choose the bet and method of play. Bets begin from $1.00. Over there are seven (7) methods to play happy 3 including the EZ pat Option. Lucky 3 is drawn twice daily, Monday to Saturday. It’s one all-time favorite! more details.

beat To win the jackpot select 4 numbers from 1-30 and a Power pick number native 1-5. Tickets expense EC$2.00 and the expansion of the Jackpot is determined by player participation and also the sales at each draw. There room 6 various ways come win including a cost-free ticket by equivalent the totally free ticket letter. More details.

Scratch success CASH instantly! over there are now soooo numerous games to pick from v St. Lucia national Lottery. Buy and also redeem her tickets at any type of lottery agent. Ticket prices start at $3.00 and also you can even win a whopping $350,000 v our $20 scratch ‘Big Money Game’. Look the end for brand-new and interesting games at any type of of our agents island wide. Much more details.

Super 6 A merged initiative the the Windward islands, St. Lucia, St.Vincent, Grenada and Dominica, super 6 carries beginning Jackpot the EC$200,000.00. That’s the minimum you deserve to win on every EC$3.00 ticket. Match 6 numbers from 1-28 to victory the jackpot. Acquire a complimentary ticket by equivalent the totally free ticket letter. An ext details.

Big 4 an exciting new addition come SNL’s video game portfolio. That is played six days a mainly Mondays come Saturdays. Simply select four digits from 0-0-0-0 come 9-9-9-9, pick the amount you desire to bet and choose the play technique from the option available. More details.

1-Off now you can win also if you 1- OFF. It is right! 1- turn off is the all brand-new and exciting game native the St.Lucia national Lottery. Together we continue to reflect our dedication to our players by producing games which provide opportunities to readjust lives, we’re giving you specifically what you’ve been asking for. Ever before felt the disappointment of being turn off by simply one number? Soooo close yet still therefore far. We’re excited to announce that these job are currently over! more details.

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All games carry a quick PICK alternative which is a random selection of numbers by the terminal.