St Kitts weather is hot and tropical all year round. The reliably great climate is what provides the Caribbean such a sought-after holidays destination, and also St Kitts is no exception. The island is situated to the west of Antigua, and also to the southwest of Florida, therefore is perfectly situated to acquire pleasant weather many days that the year. Return there are no definite seasons, there are durations that space drier, or wetter, or at risk to hurricanes. Mean temperatures variety from 77 and also 81 degrees Fahrenheit, for this reason whenever you pick to take trip to St Kitts, you’ll never need to load for the cold. Light apparel is best, back if you’re travel in the merganser reason, a irradiate jacket and hat is advisable, or waterproof gear if you’re planning on sailing or watersports.

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December through June: This duration is the dried season, and also is likewise the most popular time to visit the islands. Temperatures average at roughly 77 to 80 degrees. While over there is part rainfall during this period, showers are very infrequent. It’s best to be affected by each other the popularity of this time in mind as soon as booking flights come St Kitts or St Kitts and Nevis hotels, together these are most likely to be booked up well in advance. The Christmas duration is specifically popular, as not only is the weather sunny, hot and dry, but the festive period also corresponds with one of the most famous St Kitts events, the St Kitts Carnival, i m sorry takes place over December and January. If December to June is absolutely the finest time to take trip to St Kitts and Nevis when it comes to the weather, that is typically the many expensive time to vacation here.

July: July is the first month the the rainy reason, before the hurricane season begins. Many human being put turn off traveling to St Kitts and Nevis in the rainy season, specifically if they’re coming for the beaches or outdoor tasks such together water sports, sailing, or golf. However, those looking to escape from a cooler climate to the warm of the Caribbean won’t it is in disappointed through the wet season, as it is also the sexy time of the year, through temperatures averaging around 77 degree. If there has tendency to be more rain throughout this period, there are still plenty of sunny days, and those planning to avoid the wet must note that it does rain top top the islands every year round, simply less often during December to June. Plenty of vacationers choose to take trip in July, together they are more likely to find cheap hotels and airfare come St Kitts and also Nevis, and the hurricane season is however to begin.

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August v October: The hurricane season is typically from august to October. However, there’s no have to panic and totally avoid traveling to the islands during this period. In the last 65 years, only thirteen hurricanes have hit the island. In the same period of time, there have been ten dry storms, which space classified together violent storms, yet are not solid enough to be identified as hurricanes. This is a great time because that St Kitts budget travel, as lengthy as you’re prepared that you might have to invest a couple of days indoors.

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November: during November, the islands go back to a mild, warm rainy climate, as in July. When hurricanes space possible, castle are very infrequent. Temperatures room at about 77 degrees. When humidity rises throughout the merganser season, it is rarely for it come rise over a comfortable 70 percent, when the cooling trade winds ensure the the waiting doesn"t gain too sultry throughout this wetter period. Those continuing to be in the hills need to note that temperatures will often tend to it is in cooler, when the rainfall will certainly be a tiny greater.