Honestly, is tright here anything more visually striking than a hairmuch less cat? Without a fluffy, furry coat, they’re all sinuous feline majesty. Some world think they look, well, evil, and also while I cannot truly deny it, I will say that to this writer, hairless cats exude an air of wisdom that is irresistible.

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When it comes to naming these cats, tbelow are loads of cool options. They array from severe names that recommendation their beginnings to whimsical puns and pop culture references poking fun at their unexplained appearance. Need some inspiration? Look at the lists below for distinctive names for hairless cats.


Image by RD LH from Pixabay

Joke Names for Hairless Cats

Lucille BaldHairy StylesLady GodivaFuzzyFluffyPeach FuzzBald McCartneyShave actually BrubeckBaldwinBaldyYul BrynnerBarberDaddy WarbucksBobBunsSphynxterButchVin DieselBuzzShaggyCabello (‘head’ in Spanish)Dwayne “The Rock” JohnsonStanley TucciCaesar (from Latin for ‘hairy’)Sinead O”ConnorYodaCalvin (from French for ‘bald’)Chrome DomeGollumCue BallDobby

Russian Names for Hairmuch less Cats

Perhaps not too known as the Sphynx (but certainly no much less striking) is the Russian hairmuch less or Donskoy cat. Here is a list of the the majority of well-known cat names in Russia, together with their definitions.

Russian Male Names for Hairmuch less Cats

Maximilian: “the good,” often shortened to MaxAleksander: “defender of guy,” have the right to be shortened to AlekBoris: fighterCzar: emperorEdvard: The “well-off guard,” regularly associated via riches.Igor: “warrior of tranquility,” likewise the name of the renowned Russian composer, Igor Stravinskies.Ivan: gracious gift from GodDmitry: the name of emperors and a variation of the names of at an early stage saintsYuri: similar to the name George, likewise the name of the first Russian in spaceVladimir: Slavic name beginnings common through Soviet state founder, Vladimir LeninViktor: “conqueror,” also mutual via Viktor Krum from the Harry Potter seriesSergei: protector or shepherdRasputin: linked with mysticism and inner power.Nikolai: victoriousMikhail: God-likeNorm: from the NorthAxel: someone who likes peaceOrion: The name of the mighty hunter in astronomy

Female Names for Hairless Cats

Anastasia: “Resurrection,” the name of the daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, last Russian emperorBabushka: grandmotherNina: dreamerOlga: holyOxana: famous Russian name of Ukrainian originsEva: Latin name meaning “living one.”Sveta: saintIva: gift from GodKarina: Scandinavian beginning, definition pureKatja: Greek beginning that indicates pureKira: ruler or belovedYelena: Russian develop of the Greek name, Helen or Helios/SunVera: faithTasha: pretty abbreviation of the Russian name, NatashaSabina: feminine form of Sabinus, originated in prehistoric RomeKatana: Japanese word for sword, and an extremely well-known cat name in Russia

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