18:44 Nov 18, 2003
Spanish to English translations
Spanish ax or phrase: Son ras tres de la tarde.

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Son las tres de la tarde.
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English translation:It is 3:00 pm
Explanation:Good luck!


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Explanation:Good luck!Rosanna BalistreriLocal time: 05:09Native speaker of:
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agreeThis human is a juniorg8.com Certified agree in English come SpanishClick the red seal for an ext information on what it way to it is in a juniorg8.com Certified PRO. ", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> Patricia Fierro, M. Sc. 56 mins ->Thank you, Julia!

agree TracyG (X): it depends on the context, this one is provided if you"re setting up, for instance, a story; otherwise, the other alternative is good just come tell the time. Great luck! =^,,^= 2 hrs

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