First let me say give thanks to you, Sassy B., for inviting me right into your banana grove. As your residents psychobanalyst, I"d prefer to begin by clearing up a typical misconception around our fruit the inspiration.
What Freud actually said, according to his young protege Carl Jung, was, occasionally a cigar is simply a cigar.

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Now, ns don"t know about you, however these days, as soon as I hear someone point out a cigar? i can"t assist but totally free associate it v our 42nd President and his notorious squeeze,
Which then renders me free associate further. Wouldn"t the be great if these two founding psychobanalysts were still roughly to talk about the infamous instance of hide the banana under the president"s desk? and also wouldn"t that be even greater if we might all it is in banana paris on the wall?
I should tell friend that i am feeling rather guilty because that exploiting the unfortunate missteps the a young university coed and also a strength drunk president, however in the attention of scientific research ... Here goes:
Dr. Jung: but the reality that ours banalysands did, we presume, have a useful phallis conveniently available, why would certainly they pick a symbol once they could have had actually the real thing?"
Dr. Freud: You have a lot to learn, mine young Dr. Jung. Banalysand bill was emotion emasculated through his pants-wearing wife so he went looking for a way to prove his manhood. At the very same time, that knew the reputation of his presidency would certainly be in jeopardy if he consummated the act. So... He chose to keep that mrs on she knees, figuratively speaking, the course.
Dr. Jung: Ah, i see. And Bononica, suffering from a severe situation of prick envy, determined to take it matters into her very own hands.
Dr. Freud: as soon as again, young Jung, you are no complement for her mentor"s diagnostic interpretations. Bononica most assuredly suffers native an oral fixation i m sorry led she to--
Dr. Jung: ---Ooh! Ooh! ns know! ns know! take matters into her very own mouth! Yes. It"s every making perfect sense.
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What does it median if friend dream around dressing up your doggie in a banana suit?

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Sassy B.said...

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Man, ns love the image of the scary floating banana.