I yawned and also heard a popping sound and also got hurt. Did ns break something in my throat? deserve to a bone native the throat be damaged due come yawning?



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Thanks for the query.

I can understand your concern. Follow to your statement, you have been suffering from ache in the throat after yawning. And also your query is around the opportunity of break a bone from the neck after yawning. I think the is impossible, and only yawning cannot break or dislocate bones indigenous the throat.

But yawning deserve to dislocate the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ). TMJ can reason throat pain; the is as result of referred pain. Your jaw pain have the right to radiate to the throat, which makes you think that your throat is the resource of pain.

There are some muscle in the throat for eating, drinking, and also swallowing. Yawning may overstretch muscles not intended come be moved in that means and reason pain in her throat. Again overstretching the jaw favor yawning can reason jaw dislocation with developing sound. It can reason pain and radiate come the throat as the is a ad pain, therefore you deserve to think the your neck is hurting.

For your pain, you can take NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) prefer Naproxen, Aceclofenac, Ibuprofen, etc. By applying ice on your hurting area and taking liquid foods items until the ache does not obtain subsided. In situation of any type of other query, punch me, and also I will shot to reply to you.



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Thanks for joining us again. It is not possible, and you can not break her hyoid bone from making yourself burp. Let me explain that.

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A remarkable blow or stroke demands to break a hyoid bone. Otherwise, the is impossible. The hyoid bone is her shaped bone in the neck is well-protected by various structures prefer tendons, muscle, etc. That is rare to uncover the hyoid bone. Strangulation is the top cause. Periodically hanging may cause a fracture the the hyoid bone. More than 80% of hyoid fracture has actually resulted native both strangulation and also hanging. Other causes such as car accidents, gunshot injury, sporting activities injury favor weight lifting, boxing, etc., can cause fracture that the hyoid bone. Sudden neck movement, sneezing, yawning can cause a sprain in the neck muscle, and pain can radiate to the neck muscle as result of sprain. Yet burp cannot cause fracture or dislocation that the hyoid bone. In instance of any type of other query, please execute ask me.

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