Author: DermNet NZ Editor in cook Adjunct A/Prof Amanda Oakley, Dermatologist, Hamilton, brand-new Zealand. Copy edited through Gus Mitchell. April 2018.

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What is an atypical solar lentigo?

An patent solar lentigo is a solar lentigo through unusual characteristics. The term might be offered when a clinician is unsure of even if it is a flat brown mark (a lentigo) is a benignsolar lentigoor melanoma in situ (an early type of melanoma, a form of skin cancer). The plural of lentigo is lentigines.

Byrom et al gave the name unstable solar lentigo to a specific kind of atypical solar lentigo in sun-damaged skin <1>. Unlike the normal solar lentigo, which is mainly keratinocytic, rough lentigo has locations of melanocytic proliferation ~ above histology.

atypical solar lentigo


atypical solar lentigo


Atypical solar lentigo


Atypical solar lentigo

Atypical solar lentigines are huge flat brown marks through irregular shape, structure, and colour.

Who it s okay atypical solar lentigines?

Typical and also atypical solar lentigines arise in sun-damaged, ageing skin. Lentigines many commonly impact people end 50 years v fair skin(Fitzpatrick skin typeI and also II) who spend a the majority of time law outdoor work-related or the end recreation.

Atypical solar lentigines may also arise in people with genetic disorders in which sun damages occurs at very early age (eg, xeroderma pigmentosum), or who room onimmunosuppressive medications.

Other functions of sun damages may be existing in the surrounding, mottled skin <2>. These have the right to include:

What is the reason of patent solar lentigines?

Atypical solar lentigines room thought to be caused by genetic alters in keratinocytes and also in melanocytes due to exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Alichenoid keratosisis due to a regional immune reaction.

What room the clinical features of an patent solar lentigo?

An atypical solar lentigo occurs on the face, ears, neck, hands, forearms, or top back. The is a solitary and distinct macule.

When compared to surrounding solar lentigines, an atypical solar lentigo may:

Be larger in dimension and much more irregular in shapeHave a cheater or less distinct marginBe darker in colour and also have a higher variation in coloursBe inflamed (red) or there may be locations of hypopigmentation (loss that colour)Have greyish or purple discolouration as result of an inflammatory reaction.

An atypical solar lentigo may be nearby to, or type part of, a much more typicalsolar lentigo, amelanoma in situ(whether a lentigo maligna or lentiginous melanoma), or both.

What is the differential diagnosis of an atypical solar lentigo?

The differential diagnoses for an atypical solar lentigo deserve to include:

What room the symptom of an patent solar lentigo?

The key complication of an atypical solar lentigo is lacking a diagnosis ofmelanoma in situ. Some atypicalsolar lentigines may additionally be precursors come melanoma in situ, especially the histological variant, turbulent solar lentigo.

How is an patent solar lentigo diagnosed?

An atypical solar lentigo is evaluate clinically and also by dermatoscopy. Pathological examinationoften leads to a more precise diagnosis, such assolar lentigo, lichenoid keratosis, stormy solar lentigo, patent lentiginous hyperplasia, patent junctional melanocytic naevus, or melanoma in situ.

If there is melanocytic proliferation in ~ an patent solar lentigo, the entirety lesion must be excised and multiple great of the specimens must be check by histology. Note that a solitary atypical solar lentigo may show features of solar lentigo, turbulent solar lentigo, actinic keratosis, and also melanoma in situ (and even invasive melanoma).

What is the treatment for an patent solar lentigo?

An patent solar lentigo is oftenexcised.

Lesions that space not excised have to undergo a cautious follow-up, preferably making use of serial sequential dermoscopy(mole mapping). Observed alters may include an increase in size, and also a change in shape, structure, and also colour.

Greater asymmetry in the circulation of structures and colours on dermoscopy should cause excision of the lesion. Stable lesions can continue to be observed.

What is the outcome for atypical solar lentigo?

The outcome counts on the actual diagnosis.

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Solar lentigo and also lichenoid keratosis are harmless.Melanoma in situ can progress come invasive melanoma.