median Girls: 15 Lines indigenous Regina George that Prove she’s Pure angry Regina George is the meanest of every the girls in typical Girls and these memorable price quotes prove the she important is evil in person form.

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Rachel McAdams as Regina George in average Girls
for a character who doesn’t kill anyone or physically assault anyone, Regina George native Mean Girls is considerably evil. As far as high-school girl go, she could be among the many malevolent of her kind. Janis Ian even defines to Cady that “evil take away a human being form” in Regina, and when viewers let few of her nastiest currently sink in, it’s simple to view why.

The comments that Regina makes clearly show the she cares around nobody however herself, does no feel guilty around being two-faced and judgemental and has no problem ordering people about like they’re slaves.

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Updated ~ above January 28th, 2021 by Scoot Allan: 2004"s Mean Girls introduced fans to a group of young girls known around the college as the "Plastics" that were led through Rachel McAdam"s Regina George, the meanest of the typical who was labeled together pure evil. Mean Girls has continued to draw in new audiences over the year both v the movie, a musical adaptation, and also a book that has enhanced Regina"s angry legend, therefore we space taking another look at some of the worst things said by Regina that prove she really is the evilest high school girl.

while Regina"s statements to Jason early in the movie space in defense of her friend Gretchen, as he to be scheming with Cady best in front of castle after going v Gretchen to an previously party at Regina"s, however it"s still pretty average to speak in a cafeteria complete of students.

She very first put Cady ~ above the point out by asking her if she wanted to have sex v Jason, and also when she claimed no, she further humiliated Jason. He was being very inappropriate so the may have been deserved, yet it was a good indicator the Regina"s capability to publicly take down her classmates.

Regina used a specific brand that double-talk and fake compliments to both hide insults and also manipulate her closest friend into turning on each other, i beg your pardon she go a number of times throughout Mean Girls to breakdown her friends and maintain regulate of the Plastics.

After complementing Cady ~ above her prettiness during their first meeting, she turned the on she potential new friend virtually immediately after ~ she agreed, make her feel guilty around the compliment and also highlighting Regina"s manipulative behavior.

MEAN girl cast
one more example of several of the evil tricks Regina George has in she arsenal come use versus her ideal friends is few of the phone gamings she would certainly play, v the intentions of gaining her friends come say miscellaneous bad around the other while lock were secretly on the line.

Regina referred to as Cady when Gretchen was listening in on the call, and manipulated her into saying a couple of bad things around Gretchen, prior to abruptly ending the call and leaving the other girls confused and angry.

12 "I Love Her, She"s favor A Martian!"

MEAN girls - Regina George and friends
Viewers learned a lot about Regina together Cady visited her residence for the first time and also learned around the Burn book, though her sly evilness to be at its height as they slowly began to learn about Cady and also her life prior to high college which separated her from other leads in similar teen movies.

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Cady was raised in Africa v her zoologist parents and also home-schooled, and Regina commonly remarked exactly how odd the was come her, also calling she a martian and treating her choose she was more of one amusement than a friend.

one of the meanest points Regina go in Mean Girls that truly denote her angry was after she got back together through Cady"s crush Aaron (played by Jonathan Bennett) after promise to speak to him for Cady.

She then compelled Cady come not just watch her and Aaron together at college but actively comment on his look at knowing complete well it to be torture, despite Cady was hoping to store the peace and went in addition to Regina"s games.

10 “Gretchen, protect against Trying To do Fetch Happen. It’s no Going to Happen.”

True friends space supportive of each other’s ideas, even if castle a small lame. That’s how Mean Girls fans know that Regina George, played by Rachel McAdams, is no a an excellent friend to any kind of of the Plastics. She doesn’t support them as soon as they have an innovative ideas.

Case in point: when Gretchen comes up with the word “fetch.” also if Regina doesn’t get Gretchen’s vision, a nice human would have pretended to favor the word rather than shutting her down and dictating that she can not say that anymore.

the in the straightforward lines that the significance of Regina George yes, really comes out. She says this to Karen once the two are on the phone and Karen pretends that she can’t go out v Regina since she’s sick.

Rather 보다 showing concern for her friend who’s sick (she’s not really sick, however Regina doesn’t know that), Regina cements herself as truly angry by speak this rude line to she "close" friend, instead of seeing why Karen could have been trying to avoid her.

8 “Get In, Loser. We’re walking Shopping.”

It really doesn’t obtain any much more Regina George 보다 this top line: “Get in, loser. We’re walk shopping.” This is just how Regina invites Lindsay Lohan"s Cady to walk shopping v the Plastics for the an initial time.

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Not only does she speak to Cady, among her “best friends,” a loser however she additionally doesn’t provide her any choice in the matter. It’s not really an invite so much as that an order. This is just further evidence that Regina George is a queen bee.

The speak “sticks and stones may break mine bones however words will never ever hurt me” no true by any stretch of the imagination. Friend of Regina George recognize this, particularly when she renders scathing remarks about their clothes.

When Regina claims this, the various other girls have turned versus her and also are make the efforts to have actually her evicted from your lunch table because she’s break the fashion rule by attract sweatpants ~ above a Monday. Return she’s just defending herself, that still no a nice point to say.

6 “God, Karen, You room So Stupid.”

The interesting thing about Regina George’s meanest comment is that the Plastics don’t seem come mind when she insults them. The ruder she is to them the much more they desire her to prefer them, and also this eventually uses to Cady too.

After Aaron division up through Regina, Karen tries to cheer she up by arguing they go to Taco Bell, however Regina responds by calling her stupid since she’s top top “an all-carb diet.” The irony!

Let the be known that if someone describes their friends like this then they’re probably not a quite person, finish of discussion. Regina says several dreadful things about her friends behind your backs, yet this is just one of the worst.

Regina says this to Aaron about Cady, understanding that Cady is watching, discovering that she has actually a to like on Aaron, and also knowing the she’s about to steal that away. Pure evil.

4 “She’s no Going Out with Anyone.”

come get back at Jason for blowing off Gretchen, Regina renders trouble for the new girl he is seeing, Taylor. She calls she mom and also pretends to be from to plan Parenthood, insinuating the Taylor has actually fallen pregnant.

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Although the Plastics find this funny, that clear exactly how evil this move is as soon as Taylor’s mom calls she a few seconds later and sounds an extremely distressed.

The final confrontation in between Cady and Regina takes location near the finish of the film when Regina learns that Cady to be pretending to it is in her friend all along to sabotage she life.

Regina is obviously emotion hurt in ~ this point, however her words come Cady room still entirely cruel and also showcase just how evil she have the right to be: “They speak you’re a homeschooled jungle freak who a less hot version the me.”

2 “That Is The Ugliest F-ing dress I’ve ever Seen.”

A sign of pure angry is who who deserve to effortlessly say one point to a person’s face and then say something fully different behind their back, with no remorse or guilt.

Regina George go this after complimenting a girl in ~ school’s skirt, speak it’s adorable. A second later, she transforms to Cady and also says, “That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I’ve ever before seen.”

maybe the most obvious sign the Regina George has too plenty of sinister skeletal in her body is her therapy of gay people. Janis no gay, but due to the fact that Regina believes she is, she is cruel to she to the suggest of damaging her life.

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This comment—the reality that she “couldn’t have actually a lesbian” at she party mirrors how little she cares around Janis’s feelings and how ignorant she is around the world, i m sorry is additional showcased by her use of various other ignorant terms throughout Mean Girls.