You brush and also floss your teeth, as you perform eexceptionally evening. You open your mouth and also begin inspecting. At first glance, whatever looks clean and normal. But then, a black spot on one tooth catches your eye. Naturally, you wonder:

Why perform I have a black spot on my tooth? Is it a cavity? Is tright here something wrong?

No must panic. A dark spot on the tooth doesn’t constantly indicate a significant worry. Sometimes, spots on your teeth deserve to simply show tooth discoloration.

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The ideal means to understand what a dark spot on your tooth might be is to schedule an appointment with a dental professional at Penn Dental Family Practice. Here, we deserve to assess your teeth and diagnose this mysterious spot.

Is a Black Spot on a Tooth Almeans a Cavity?

Tbelow are a variety of reasons why you might have actually a black spot on your tooth. While occasionally a black or brown spot have the right to suggest the visibility of a cavity, these dark surface stains deserve to additionally be the result of:

Extrinsic DiscolorationWith this type of discoloration, the outer layer of the tooth is stained. Diet plays a role in extrinsic discoloration. Some drinks that stain teeth incorporate coffee, tea, wine, and also sugary sodas. Smoking can additionally make teeth show up even more yellow.Intrinsic DiscolorationPatients through this type of discoloration may have had actually also much exposure to fluoride once they were younger or a traumatic endure including a long-term tooth. The inner framework of the tooth creates a darkened tint.

Anvarious other crucial variable that affects both kinds of discoloration is age. As you get older, your teeth wear dvery own, leading to stains to show up more influential. Chips and also cracks deserve to happen as teeth undermine, which deserve to result in discoloration and also various other dental difficulties.

Can Babsence Spots on Teeth Be Removed?

You may watch a dentist about your tooth discoloration and also find it is not linked to an underlying dental problem, and also therefore, does not call for treatment. However, If you still want to remove the yellow, brown, or black spot on your tooth for aesthetic reasons—and organic therapy approaches are not working—take into consideration teeth whitening at Penn Dental Family Practice.

You can schedule a meeting through among our whitening professionals, that will define how a teeth whitening procedure works, and whether you are a candiday. In-office teeth whitening clears stains via an oxidation procedure, which can significantly lighten and brighten your smile.

While you will see the best outcomes when you acquire your teeth professionally whitened, we additionally offer take-home trays for you to whiten your teeth at home.

Rather than worrying and asking: How carry out I eliminate babsence spots on my teeth? Turn to the aid of Penn Dental Family Practice. Once you schedule an appointment our Penn dentists have the right to evaluate your teeth, recognize the reason of the dark spots on your tooth or teeth, and suggest the finest form of therapy for you.

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You might also be interested in discovering our cost-free eBook: “Teeth Whitening 101,” which discusses the teeth whitening procedure, outcomes, and just how to make your whiter, brighter teeth last as lengthy as feasible.