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About 8 years ago, together I reminisced on exactly how me and also many of mine homeboys prospered up, a story emerged that I'm sure deserve to resonate with numerous cats born and also raised in the hood. The monitor is a story of a young guy raised roughly gangsters and thugs who complied with in their footsteps until the mr stepped in and readjusted him.This track was tape-recorded under my previous artists name, Wretch.

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Verse 1:He was born and also raised in Houston, TXThe hood was his teacher, teach to live his life recklessRaised through a single mom, his mister was never thereSo the thugs and also the hustlers take it this boy under their careNow the struts under the cutMean mug as soon as he staresOn the grind to it is in a ballerKinda choose Bob LanierBut the street life he's living is damaging his soulDropping tears so late at night, he feels he has actually nowhere to goThen sooner or later he bump intoAn old friend from High SchoolThat called him how his heart had actually been reinvented by the gospelHe looks at his old friend through pride and gives a shrugHe speak him, "I ain't emotion that at all 'cause I'm a...'cause I'm a...'cause I'm a..."(Thug from approximately the way...He said he to be a thug from around the way)Verse 2:Fresh pair of kicksSurrounded by chicksHittin' many licks is how he acquired his brand-new whipThis might sound nice, yet he got his glock gripped'Cause his adversaries are wait for the moment that he slipsAll the cash money, the girls, and long nightsHis hedonistic ways and his life filled v viceSeem to make him happy but his heart it aint laughin''Cause he keeps mental what his old friend had asked him:"When friend die and pass on, and your life that plays its critical song, would certainly Christ to speak He to know you and let you into His kingdom?"As other urban missionaries watering the seedHis proud is gift stripped as he starts seeing his needHe's a....(Thug from around the way...He stated he was a thug from roughly the way)Verse 3:He offered to it is in a thugStar ~ above his chestThe hood was in his blood, under to brawl if you gained plexAin't have actually no concerns when it concerned making cash'Cause the knew exactly how to do his green flourish like grassBut that cultivation gospel seeds destroyed and also demolished thisConvincing him that he to be devoid of all righteousnessHe still hits the streets, sonBut currently as a beacon, that lightTo preach Christ crucified 'cause the streets require Him!This X-Thug now pleads themTo revolve from their heathenWays and also believe in God's kid who can complimentary themThe hood cat respond, "Didn't you used to market drugs?"He says, "That's the old me, 'cause I offered to be a..."(Thug from roughly the way...He used to be a thug from around the way)