Genioplasty mountain Antonio enhances the chin and also jawline by moving the chin surgically. Mountain Antonio Genioplasty surgeon Dr. Jose Barrera, MD specializes in chin augmentation surgery to improve a weak chin, move ago a significant chin, or correct chin asymmetry. A slide Genioplasty deserve to be an unified to enhance the neck and remove undesirable fat.

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Where is Genioplasty San Antonio surgery performed?

Genioplasty San Antonio patients might receive your cosmetic surgical treatment as an outpatient procedure. Under general anesthesia genioplasty surgical procedure is performed. Facelift and also Neck lift surgery may likewise be performed but typically in a hospital setting.

What is associated in Genioplasty San Antonio surgery?

San Antonio Genioplasty involves making an incision in the reduced lip area. The incision is hidden so that there room no visible facial scars. If liposuction is performed, climate a small lower chin scratch is made. A liposuction canula is inserted to gently remove fat indigenous under the chin. No other incisions are made other than for the incision beneath the chin. An different to a chin implant is the sliding genioplasty. Genioplasty surgery involves a jaw surgery referred to as a sliding genioplasty whereby the chin is slid forward. A slide genioplasty can augment a chin, correct a significant chin, or carry out symmetry come a crooked chin.

How much does a slide Geniplasty Cost?

A sliding genioplasty cost ranges from $6000 – 9000 which includes the hardware (plates and screws), basic anesthesia, facility or hospital fees, and also the surgeon’s fees. If a bone graft is compelled to augment or correct lost bone, climate the price may increase.

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Can a Genioplasty san Antonio it is in performed after ~ a chin implant?

A slide genioplasty can be performed after a chin implant. There space patients who have lost chin bone because of erosion indigenous a poorly place chin implant. A review chin surgery might be crucial in this case. The chin implant is removed and also the eroded bone burred smooth. A sliding genioplasty deserve to then be performed.

Can Genioplasty be offered to correct obstructive sleep apnea or OSA?

Sliding genioplasty is designed to correct cosmetic concerns about a weak, protruding, or asymmetric chin. Patients v mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea may advantage from a sliding genioplasty as soon as a weak or assymetric chin is present. One more operation which an ext effectively targets the genioglossus muscle associated in many situations of OSA is a geniotubercle development or GTA. Dr. Jose Barrera, MD has actually published numerous short articles on the slide genioplasty and also the geniotubercle advance surgery. A video can be viewed on the Texas Plastic surgery Youtube channel at

Genioglossal Jaw advance Surgery

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