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Anonymous on FST – new Game…
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The video game is going to be adjusted from a “Fantasy servant Trainer” come a basic fantasy people simulator. For most of the game’s advancement it felt like I wasn’t making any kind of real progress, rebuilding the same game systems over and also over, occasionally making the game worse. The player will certainly still be able to build brothels, very own slaves, train them and everything else right now in the game yet those will certainly all be options rather 보다 requirements. Even if it is you desire to it is in a bandit, an adventurer, a servant trainer, etc, you’ll have the ability to take up multiple occupations to satisfy your fantasy desires. I’ll be releasing rapid-fire updates for the foreseeable future, until I’m contents I’ve recorded up on to let go updates and also the video game is verifiable different from whereby it is now.

The an initial thing I’ve done is fully change the sex system. Its basic right now, however it has thousands of feasible unique lines.

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The a free-form system, so you’ll have the ability to control both your character and your partner’s. There will be a more combat oriented sex system added later.

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new sex systemthe player has a stamina, arousal, libido and stimulation baractions minimize stamina and increase arousalstamina deserve to be restored by restingonce an orgasm is achieved, libido is loweredonce libido get 0, stamina can’t it is in restoredstimulation will gradually rise from actionsonce stimulation reaches new thresholds, arousal will boost at higher ratesloading time in between actions almost totally removed

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