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1:At the time of the Spanish conquest, the Inca housed an artificial garden of gold maize in the Coricancha, the main temple in Cuzco. The origin of this gold maize cob is uncertain, although it resembles ones from that royal garden. Possibly, that was made for the Inca by artisans from the phibìc coast, wherein there to be a long tradition of crafting hollow, three-dimensional yellow pieces.

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2:Gold and silver replicas the plants and also animals important to Inka life are fairly rare. The invading Spanish melted down hundreds of thousands the Peruvian artworks, the gold later embellishing Christian altars, members that the nobility and also funding the development of the Castilian empire. Maize (corn) was most vital to the Inkas in the type of chichi, a mildly alcoholic beer offered at feasts and used as an supplying during religious rituals.

ar object to be created: southern Highlands


Measurements: length: 8.875 inches width: 4.5 inches

Gift the William and Mary Barnes 2008.81.7

at this time on view at Mint Museum RANDOLPH