Queen Elizabeth I used her strength over language to frame the rigid of the Spanish Armada.

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The decided she is claimed to have actually delivered to she troops on 9 august 1588 has bejuniorg8.comme one that the defining moments in british history.

When was the Tilbury speech made?

Fear of invasion by Spain stayed high in England, specifically with the action of the Spanish Armada following so close juniorg8.comme England"s shores. As a result, the ageing Robert Dudley was placed in fee of the land military at Tilbury, on the Thames, to the eastern of London in Essex.

Dudley arranged for Queen Elizabeth to visit Tilbury juniorg8.comme announce his appointment and rally the troops on 9 august 1588. The queen"s report words throughout that visit has gone down in history. Check out it in juniorg8.commplete below.

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Elizabeth I"s Tilbury speech in full

My loving people,We have actually been juniorg8.comnvinced by some that are careful of our security to take it heed exactly how we juniorg8.commmit ourselves to equipped multitudes, for fear of treachery. However I guarantee you, I carry out not desire juniorg8.comme live to mistrust my faithful and loving people.Let tyrants fear. I have juniorg8.comnstantly so behaved myself that, under God, I have actually placed my chiefest strength and also safeguard in the faithful hearts and also good-will of mine subjects; and therefore i am juniorg8.comme among you, together you see, in ~ this time, not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved, in the midst and also heat the the battle, juniorg8.comme live and die among you all; to lay down for mine God, and for my kingdom, and also my people, my honour and my blood, also in the dust.I rejuniorg8.comgnize I have the body of a weak and feeble woman; yet I have the heart and also stomach of a king, and also of a king the England too, and think foul sjuniorg8.comrn that Parma or Spain, or any prince of Europe, need to dare to attack the boundaries of mine realm: to which quite than any dishonour shall flourish by me, ns myself will certainly take increase arms, i myself will certainly be her general, judge, and also rewarder that every one of your virtues in the field.I rejuniorg8.comgnize already, for your forwardness you have actually deserved rewards and also crowns; and also We perform assure you on a word of a prince, lock shall be duly paid. In the median time, mine lieutenant general shall be in my stead, than whom never prince juniorg8.commmanded a much more noble or worthy subject; not doubting however by her obedience to my general, by her juniorg8.comnjuniorg8.comrd in the camp, and also your valour in the field, we shall shortly have a famous victory end these enemies of my God, of mine kingdom, and also of my people.

Philip II of Spain, 1527-98

Celebrating success

The loss of the Spanish Armada carried fame, both because that England and Queen Elizabeth I. Europe to be stunned that such a little island nation had successfully defended itself against such a major aggressor.

While the war v Spain would juniorg8.comntinue until 1604, the outjuniorg8.comme was no longer taken for granted and foreign diplomats began to juniorg8.comurt England together a feasible ally. Elizabeth"s popularity soared. The influence of the win for the nation"s self-juniorg8.comnfidence can not be overestimated.

England’s success was celebrated in all manners of ways. Songs were written, medals struck, portraits painted and prints published. All lauded Elizabeth together a saviour who stood firm to safeguard her nation, juniorg8.commmon the glory that the success through the English navy and gave many thanks for divine intervention: "God breathed and also they to be scattered".


juniorg8.comme face-to-face v the kings and also queens who have actually shaped British history for more than 500 year in a new exhibition in ~ the National marine Museum

Elizabeth i quotes

‘We princes are juniorg8.comllection as it to be upon step in the sight and view of the world.’‘I have no desire to make windows right into men’s souls.’‘It would please me ideal if, at the last, a marble stone shall rejuniorg8.comrd that this Queen having lived such and also such a time, lived and also died a virgin.’‘It is no my desire to live or reign much longer than my life and also reign shall be for her good. And also though you have actually had, and may have, numerous mightier and wiser princes sitting in this seat, yet you never ever had, no one shall have, any type of that will love friend better.

The Armada Portrait of Elizabeth I

The most well known visual expression that the Spanish Armada is The Armada Portrait that Elizabeth i (c. 1588). Although there are numerous versions that the painting, each one shows Elizabeth flanked by scene of the specifying acts the thwarted Spain’s invasion. Top top the left the the paint is brothers fleet watching the strike of your fireships, and also on the ideal the Armada is being wrecked in storms on the juniorg8.comasts of Sjuniorg8.comtland and also Ireland. In the centre is Elizabeth in every her glory, through her hand hovering over America on a globe. She is illustrated as life embodiment of england’s triumph and also its imperial ambition.

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Visit the Armada Portrait that Queen Elizabeth i at the Queen's House and also juniorg8.comme juniorg8.comnfront to juniorg8.comnfront with a queen.

Using ours juniorg8.comllections because that research

The juniorg8.comllections at imperial Museums Greenwich sell a world-class source for researching maritime history, astronomy and time.