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+1. Overview1.5. Rewards+4. The "Now We"re Cookin"" Achievement+5. Day-to-day Quests5.1. Tips for Completing the everyday Quests5.2. Achievements+6. Bountiful Tables6.2. Success

The Pilgrim"s Bounty occasion is the people of Warcraft counterpart ofThanksgiving. Together a consequence, it always happens in November, approximately thetime of Thanksgiving.

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Even though the event lasts a totality week, it only contains a handfulof achievements to complete. For countless players, the main incentive forparticipating is the really easy and an extremely cheap cooking skill-up (from 1 come 430)that the occasion offers.

Also, the meta-achievement because that completing the Pilgrim"s Bounty does notcount in the direction of

What a Long, Strange expedition It"s Been.

In 2019, the celebration event overlaps with the 15 year anniversary eventand the The spirit of share buff stacks v

celebration Package.

The Pilgrim"s Bounty event provides with a selection of work to complete, whichcan be broken down as follows:

Doing day-to-day quests;Sitting at Bountiful Tables.

A number of achievements will instantly be derived while law thesetasks. For the remaining achievements, we describe how you have to proceed.

Most of the occasion can be completed by characters of any kind of level, listed that theyhave a high enough cooking skill (280). This is commonly not a problem since the eventenables you to quickly increase your cooking skill indigenous 1 to 430.

One the the achievements requires players to endeavor in one Outland dungeon (onnormal difficulty), something that requires level 55.

The occasion revolves around 5 types of food. Together we keep mentioning themduring the guide, us felt ideal to list them at the start of the guide:

You will uncover Pilgrim"s Bounty NPCs and also Bountiful Tables in every of themain funding cities:

Darnassus (A) Exodar (A) Ironforge (A) Stormwind (A) Orgrimmar (H) Silvermoon City (H) Thunder Bluff (H) Undercity (H)

In addition, you will discover Bountiful Tables in plenty of villages:

Alliance Azure Watch, Chillwind Camp, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, Westfall, and Wildhammer Keep;Horde Bloodhoof Village, Brill, Falconwing Square, Hammerfall, Razor Hill, Revantusk Village, Sepulcher, Shadowprey Village, Stonard, Tarren Mill, and also Tranquillien;Neutral Light"s hope Chapel and Ruins that Thaurissan.

The occasion lasts because that a week, however most success can be completed onthe an initial day. Just Turkey Lurkey needs you to play because that a 2nd and athird job (to get the items you need to complete it).

For 2014, the occasion will begin on the 24th of November and also will end on the 1stof December.

The Pilgrim"s Bounty only has actually one vanity pet and also a few achievements to rewardsplayers participating in it. There is additionally a call buff that part players willbe interested in.

The spirit of sharing is derived by communicating with Bountiful Tables(see the associated section of the guide). The reputation buff that it provides willinterest football player who space keen on grinding reputation.

Turkey Cage used to it is in the only item rewarded by the Pilgrim"s Bounty event. The2014 event added a
Frightened shrub Chicken (second pet), a
Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter (toy), and also a well Pilgrim"s Hat(cosmetic hat for transmogrification purposes).

As that 2017, the complying with items (which you can acquire while act the daily quests) canbe offered for transmogrification when the event is active:

This event requires a the majority of cooking, therefore if you have actually obtaineda Chef"s hat (sold in Dalaran for 100 Dalaran cooking Awards), perform not forgetto usage it!

Pilgrim"s Bounty (Alliance/Horde) is offered by commoners in capital cities and smaller towns. Ittakes you come the main Pilgrim"s Bounty area for her faction: Stormwind because that Alliance playersand Undercity for Horde players.

After completing it, you have the right to take sharing a Bountiful Feast (Sharing a Bountiful Feast/Sharing a Bountiful Feast), i beg your pardon will give you a firstexperience at sit at a Bountiful Table.

After completing these two quests, you room all collection to go into the event.

Obtaining the now We"re Cookin" accomplishment requires a cooking skill the at the very least 280.First of all, girlfriend will have to purchase a

Bountiful Cookbook (Alliance/Horde) fromWilmina Holbeck just external of Stormwind (Alliance) orDalni Tallgrass just outside of Orgrimmar (Horde). This cookbookcontains the 5 recipes the you will need to discover to completethe achievement:

All of this recipes count for the

chef de Cuisine achievement (andall the other lesser accomplishments of the exact same kind).

Once you have actually learned all the recipes, you require to cook them. Every ofthese recipes, conserve one, have actually one ingredient that deserve to only be boughtin a details capital city. Therefore, girlfriend will need to visit three ofyour capital cities to get this achievement. At the very same time, you have the right to alsodo the search chain began by spice Bread Stuffing (Alliance / Horde).

Spice Bread Stuffing (Alliance / Horde) (Stormwind/Undercity) cooking this item requires: Pumpkin Pie (Alliance / Horde) (Stormwind -> Ironforge / Undercity -> Orgrimmar) cooking this item requires: Cranberry Chutney (Alliance / Horde) (Ironforge -> Stormwind / Orgrimmar -> Thunder Bluff) food preparation this article requires: Alliance: They"re Ravenous In Darnassus (Stormwind -> Darnassus) Alliance: Candied Sweet potato (Darnassus -> Stormwind) food preparation this item requires: do 5 Candied Sweet Potatoes. Go to Stormwind. Horde: Candied Sweet potato (Thunder Bluff -> Orgrimmar) cooking this article requires: do 5 Candied Sweet Potatoes. Go to Orgrimmar. Horde: Undersupplied in the Undercity (Orgrimmar -> Undercity) Slow-roasted Turkey (Alliance / Horde) (Stormwind -> Darnassus / Undercity -> Orgrimmar) food preparation this item requires:

You have the right to use the cooking recipes indigenous the currently We"re Cookin" achievementto easily level up a character"s food preparation skill up to 430, together theingredients can be purchase without limit from the vendors and also at a verylow cost.

The Pilgrim"s Bounty occasion comes v 5 daily quests for which youneed to have actually learned the 5 cooking recipes the the occasion offers(see the ahead section):

Each time you complete one the these everyday quests, you get +150 reputationwith a funding city of her faction and also you can pick 1 the 6 feasible rewards:

Pilgrim"s Bounty, i m sorry has actually a 30% possibility to contain each of the food native the event;

Mosts of this items are required to obtain the Pilgrim"s Peril, Terokkar Turkey Time, and Turkey Lurkey achievements.

Below, girlfriend will uncover instructions because that doing the everyday quests efficiently(i.e., without having actually to store traveling indigenous one funding city come theother).

Stormwind go to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area exterior Ironforge. Ironforge go to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area in Darnassus. Darnassus Go back to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area exterior Stormwind. Stormwind (again)

Horde players will should travel more than Alliance players to finish these quets.

Orgrimmar walk to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area in the courtyard the Lordaeron, over Undercity. Undercity walk to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area in Thunder Bluff. Thunder Bluff Go earlier to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area in the courtyard that Lordaeron, over Undercity. Undercity (again) Go ago to the Pilgrim"s Bounty area outside of Orgrimmar. Orgrimmar (again)

Doing every the day-to-day quests will immediately complete the Pilgrim"s progression achievement.

To finish Terokkar Turkey Time, merely wear a Pilgrim"s Hattogether v a Pilgrim"s Dress, a Pilgrim"s Robe, or a Pilgrim"s Attire, and, in this outfit, go kill Talon King Ikiss inAuchindoun: Sethekk Halls.

To complete Turkey Lurkey, you must use the Turkey Shooter indigenous the day-to-day quest top top 10 rogues, each of a differentrace. Keep in mind that the Turkey Shooter only has one use, so friend will need 10of castle to finish the achievement.

Finding rogues of your faction should not it is in problematic. For rogues ofthe the opposite faction, we advise you to shot the battlegrounds, the opposingfaction resources in Pandaria, the day-to-day quest places for the variousMists of Pandaria factions, and also the Timeless Isle.

Bountiful Tables are uncovered outside capital and minor urban duringthe Pilgrim"sBounty event. There room 4 accomplishments that you can obtain by interactingwith them: "FOOD FIGHT!", Pilgrim"s Paunch, sharing is Caring,and Pilgrim"s Peril.

Bountiful Tables are created you come sit in ~ them. Come this end,each table is equipped through 5 chairs on which you deserve to sit down,each that them enabling you to connect with a various kind ofPilgrim"s Bounty food:

In front of every chair, girlfriend will find a key (possibly empty).

When friend sit on a chair, you gain a new action bar thatenables friend to perform the following:


Button 1 will certainly pass about a little of food associated to her chair(Pumpkin Pie on The Pie Chair, because that example): If you space targeting an north chair, then you will deposit food in the plate in front of this chair. If you room targeting a player sitting right next to you, then you will deposit food in their plate. If you room targeting a player sitting on the opposite next of the table or sitting at one more table, then you will throw food at their face.Buttons 2 come 6 will make you eat a kind of food, if someonefrom a various chair had put part on your plate (by making use of their Button1 and targeting her plate) or if you space sitting at the food"s chair. Button 2: Slow-roasted Turkey; button 3: Cranberry Chutney; button 4: freckles Bread Stuffing; button 5: Candied Sweet Potato; switch 6: Pumpkin Pie.

Find a Bountiful Table v at least one other player sit at it. Sit downat this table on the opposite side from this player.Target this player (or the chair they room sitting on), and also passthem food (press the switch 1) continuously until you get the "FOOD FIGHT!"achievement (only a grasp of attempts room usually necessary).

Note that you have the right to do the sharing is Caring accomplishment while perfect Pilgrim"s Paunch,as we define in the next section.

To complete share is Caring, you have to pass eachof the 5 type of food that you can find at a Bountiful Table. The easyway to execute it is to discover an north table and also sit under on every of the5 chairs, each time happen the food associated with the chair.

To complete the Pilgrim"s Paunch achievement, you require toeat the 5 kinds of food in ~ a Bountiful Table, 5 time (this offer the The soul of sharing buff), outside each of thecapital cities of your faction.

The easy means to perform it is come sit under on every chair at an emptyBountiful Table, every time passing the food come the key in frontof the fifth chair on i beg your pardon you will sit. Once you sit under on the last chair,you have the right to eat all the food that you have been pass 5 times. This alsoenables friend to complete share is Caring, if you pass thefood native the 5th chair.

To complete the Pilgrim"s hazard achievement, you should sit at a Bountiful Tablein every of the resources cities that the opponent faction, while wearing eithera Pilgrim"s Dress, a Pilgrim"s Robe, or a Pilgrim"s Attire (obtained by law the everyday quests, see section above):

For Alliance: Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunder Bluff, and also Silvermoon City.For Horde: Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, Exodar.

In many cities, completing the objective will certainly be made easier by the truth thatthe Pilgrim"s Bounty area is exterior the city. In Darnassus, however,the event area is within the city, at the Warrior"sTerrace.

To make it much easier to with the tables, you can use a

Lesser Invisibility Potionor do your attempts early in the morning.

perfect the
The Turkinator calls for you to kill 40 Wild Turkeywhile never allowing 30 seconds to elapse between two successivekills. Basically, every time you death a turkey, you gain a new stack ofa 30-second buff. If you allow the buff come drop, you have to start over.If you reach 40 stacks, you earn the achievement.

We execute not recommend you to effort this success during peak hours,as girlfriend will struggle to find Wild Turkey in Elwynn forest or TirisfalGlades (the only places where they spawn).

Go because that the achievement early in the morning or so late at night. Additionally,if your server has actually a an extremely low populace for the the opposite faction, you can goto their area to hunt for the turkeys. If you are Alliance, shot your lucky inTirisfal Glades. If you space Horde, try your lucky in Elwynn Forest. TheVenomweb Vale in Tirisfal Glades is perfect for the achievement,according to one of our readers.

A last piece of advice is to usage a macro follow me the currently of:

/tar Wild Turkey /cast ice Lance


ice cream Lance by everything instant-cast ranged capability you desire touse to kill the turkeys.

Hunters and Druids have the right to track this beasts by using Track Beasts, while various other classescan perform so by eating

Tracker Snacks.

By the moment you with this conclusion, you should have earnedall the feasible achievements and also the Turkey Cage reward that thisevent has to offer. Us hope that you uncovered the overview satisfactory and also ifyou have any kind of remarks, we would be glad if you can leave them as a commentbelow.

29 Nov. 2019: No updates required for 2019.19 Nov. 2018: No update needed for 2018.20 Nov. 2017: cosmetic items deserve to be provided for transmogrification throughout the event.

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+1. Overview1.5. Rewards+4. The "Now We"re Cookin"" Achievement+5. Everyday Quests5.1. Tips for Completing the everyday Quests5.2. Achievements+6. Bountiful Tables6.2. Achievements