The shadow of the tomb Raider mirror an obstacle tomb is among the most difficult puzzles you"ll encounter throughout your adventures, and it"s the one that had me stumped because that the longest. The setup is pretty simple to recognize - there are four mirrors in the room, each of which have the right to be turn in order come redirect the irradiate coming in from above towards the green nodes on various pieces of equipment. In addition to this, there"s a an equipment in the middle along with a platform the moves increase or down depending on which nodes have actually been lit, together with scaffolds providing links in between the four mirrors that should be rotate in therefore you deserve to climb throughout them together you fix the zero of the tomb Raider mirror an obstacle tomb.

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The fundamental thing to know around this tomb is you have to forget around trying to raise the main platform. All that does is block the irradiate that’s crossing the room and waste your mirrors (not to point out remove your technique of getting to the prize), for this reason you need to keep it together low together possible. When you know that item of information, it’s in reality a reasonably simple process, i m sorry is:

Turn 1 diagonally throughout the room ~ above the much node top top the left hand side to make the second half of your leg to 4.

Cross come 4 and also turn the onto the node in former of it which lowers the main platform and also completes the leg to the prize. Don’t forget to study the mural here!

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