The Season the Greed has actually arrived with free content comes to HITMAN 3 owner every week. Collection your coins, feeding the frog and also Kill the Collector. HITMAN 3 will certainly be following a seasonal method throughout 2021 to assistance our seven Deadly guilty DLC. If you were looking for the April Roadmap, this is essantially it, just by a various name.

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Watch the Season the Greed Trailer now to get a look ahead at whatever that’s coming this season, then review on because that even more details.

Seven Deadly guilty Act 1: Greed

The 7 Deadly guilty DLC has arrived in HITMAN 3 as a new 7-part premium expansion. Act 1: Greed is accessible now and invites football player to Dubai to indulge in a new 3-stage Escalation: The Greed Enumeration and unlock sin-themed rewards… just how greedy are you feeling?

Seasonal Event: Berlin Egg HuntThe an initial seasonal occasion is complimentary for every HITMAN 3 owners and sees certified dealer 47 heading come Berlin, where the location has actually been changed for the Berlin Egg Hunt. Playable indigenous March 30 – April 12, this brand-new escalation brings a seasonal twist come the Berlin place with brand-new decorations and also graffiti, a series of unique objectives, brand-new gameplay items come collect and also use, distinct targets and also an unlockable suit to include to your permanent inventory.


Featured Contracts with Two upset Gamers and achievement HunterThis Season, two batches the Featured contracts are at this time in the works at two Angry Gamers and achievement Hunter. With a focus on Greed, you deserve to expect three brand-new contracts from every of them, spread across different areas in the game.

First increase is our 2 Angry Gamers, that you might remember together the inspiration of the Hammer Time an obstacle in the ICA Facility. Transforms out, if girlfriend live present the beta of our game and hit nearly everyone on the map with a hammer, we’ll make a challenge about it. If you want to see their take it on a Featured Contract, they’ll be developing one live ~ above stream later on today. Head end to their Twitch channel to witness the live creation of one of the contracts, with input indigenous chat.

Later in the month, Featured contract from accomplishment Hunter room on the menu. Similar to TAG, this crew have also been combined into the HITMAN games, in a pretty unique way. Transforms out, if you electrocute virtually everyone in the Paris location with one electrified puddle, we’ll add some dialogue around it in a future location. Inspect out achievement Hunter’s take on Greed-inspired contracts later on this season.

The Jinzhen event (Escalation)Start in the roadways of Chonqging and descend right into the basic to uncover your targets and exact her revenge.


The Collector / The Politician (Elusive Targets)HITMAN 3’s very first Elusive Target arrives in Dartmoor on April 9. The Collector will certainly be in town for just 10 days and also you’ll have actually one opportuity to take them out. Choose your actions carefull, there space no second chances. The countdown clock come their specific arrival time is currently live in the game…


The Season of Greed likewise brings an Elusive Target from Hawke’s Bay; The Politician is back. Hawke’s just is currently a featured location in the HITMAN 3 cost-free Starter Pack, which way this Elusive Target is obtainable to all HITMAN 3 owners and all free Starter fill players. Study the briefing closely.

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Game UpdateHITMAN 3’s next major patch will arrive on may 10 to end the Season that Greed and start the following Season the Sin. The patch will prepare the video game for every the brand-new content arriving in the season and also bring improvements, tweaks and also fixes too.


Coming come HITMAN 3 owners during the Season of Greed (March 30 – may 9)

Act 1: Greed / seven Deadly sins DLCBerlin Egg hunt / Seasonal EventThe Satu Mare Delirium / deluxe EscalationThe Collector (Dartmoor) / Elusive TargetTwo angry Gamers x Dubai & Dartmoor / Featured ContractsThe Politician (Hawke’s Bay) / Elusive TargetAchievement Hunter x Berlin, Chongqing and also Mendoza / Featured Contracts