In the Clock app

, you have the right to set continuous alarms for any time of day and have them repeat on one or even more days of the week.

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Ask Siri. Say something like: “Set an alarm for 9 a.m. every Friday” or “Wake me up tomorrow at 7 a.m.” Find Out just how to ask Siri.

Note: The Wake Up alarm in Clock is collection in the Health application as component of a full sleep schedule (including bedtimes, wake up times, and also more). If you don’t desire to erected a sleep schedule, you deserve to collection a consistent alarm in Clock for the time you want to wake up.

You can set consistent alarms for any type of time, consisting of one for the time you desire to wake up. (A continual alarm is unpertained to any kind of sleep schedule.)

Tap Alarm, then tap



Set the time, then pick any of the following options:

Repeat: Choose the days of the week.

Label: Give the alarm a name, choose “Water the plants.”

Sound: Choose a vibration, song, or ringtone.

Snooze: Give yourself a few even more minutes of sleep.

Tap Save.

To readjust the alarm, tap Edit at the optimal left, then tap the alarm time.

To rerelocate a continuous alarm in the Clock application, tap Edit at the top left, tap the Delete switch

, then tap Delete.

The wake up alarm in the Clock app mirrors the next wake up time in your sleep schedule (if you’ve erected a sleep schedule in the Health app). Although you don’t collection the wake up alarm in Clock, you deserve to make transforms to it in Clock after you’ve set up a sleep schedule.

Tap Alarm, then tap Change.

Adjust your sleep and wake times.


to change your wake up time,
to adjust your bedtime, or the semicircle between the symbols to change both times at the same time.

Scroll down to Alarm Options to readjust any type of of the following:

Wake Up Alarm: Tap to revolve the alarm off or on.

Sounds & Haptics: Tap to choose a vibration or ringtone.

Alarm volume: Drag the slider.

Snooze: Turn on to offer yourself a couple of more minutes of sleep.


To make transforms to your sleep schedule that extfinish beyond your next wake up alarm, tap Edit Sleep Schedule in Health. (See Add or change sleep schedules in Health on iPhone).

Turn off the following wake up alarm

You deserve to rotate off the following wake up alarm in your sleep schedule, or you deserve to turn off all wake up alarms for a sleep schedule.

Tap Alarm, then tap Change.

Scroll dvery own to Alarm Options, then rotate off Wake Up Alarm.

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Tap Done, then pick among the following:

Change Next Alarm Only

Change This Schedule

Rerelocate the wake up alarm

You deserve to remove the wake up alarm by deleting or turning off your sleep schedules.