I ordered the Vita version off Ebay, and also I'm curious if it's lacking any kind of content like modes or the such


I have actually both and the only real “missing” content I deserve to think of turn off the top of my head would certainly be the you have the right to only have actually 3 girls in the dressing room, yet makes increase for with with touch controls during intimacy mode. Aside from that, the gamings are nearly the precise same but the Vita has actually obviously lower framerate and generally lower graphic quality contrasted to the PS4 version.

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as far as I recognize its the same game just v the visuals scaled to fit off the vita's hardware.

Let's see. It has actually obviously weaker graphics and also it lacks a pair of dlcs: the persons that have 5 vs 5 girl (which is approximately 5 battles). Probably since the ps vita cannot take care of so many characters on stage without to run bad.

i think the only game mode that the psvita variation lacks is the team strip finisher wherein you have the right to strip the totality enemy team as soon as you success an online match.

The DLC for the Vita and PS4 versions are cross purchase I have actually both execution the Vita's graphics are slightly reduced quality and it takes a bit longer come load however that's pretty lot all the differences aside from a couple of small bugs you most likely won't watch or that will finish up correcting themselves. Just real other distinction is the the gravity is ever so slightly different ~ above the Vita as well as that it's a portable version of Estival Versus v all the exact same features. The amount of characters you deserve to have in the dressing room is reduced from 5 come 3 and the quantity of enemies is about ½ that's all. Video game is a lotta fun and also both versions space a blast.

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Quick google search mirrors this https://www.gematsu.com/2015/03/senran-kagura-estival-versus-ps4-and-ps-vita-differences-outlined

Really just what everyone stated plus any extras you might ask about. I additionally believe several of the DLC contents is slightly different for the NA version, and we're talking prefer one or two pieces because the various limited editions have actually a exclude, costume collection to them, and maybe one various other minor thing, yet it's not worth noting unless you actually care around that sort of stuff. The DLC is definitely a bit more different across regions though, yet mostly with the Asian, and also Japanese releases, since Marvelous had organization dealings with a few product service providers out the way, and also their logos were present on a costume set or piece that might be equipped to a girl. The NA and also European crowds never ever seen them, cause those product service providers really had no sector for their commodities there. There are ways to use those, but it can't it is in discussed reason it requires your vita being exploitable if ya gain what i mean. But yeah that's basically around it. Not lot else to note really.