Water bottleVinegarSmall balloonFunnelTeaspoon the baking soda

Experimental Procedure:

Put the water bottlewhere it will stand upright securely, or have a partner host it. To fill it halfway through vinegar.Give the balloon a good stretching, choose you would certainly if friend were about to punch it up.Use the funnel to placed the baking soda inside the balloon. Gently shake the balloon until all the baking soda goes to the bottom.Making sure none that the baking soda gets into the water bottle, very closely stretch the opening of the balloon till it’s completely over the opening of the water bottle. If it’s no a chop fit, your balloon is probably too big and you have to use a smaller sized one instead.Once the balloon is attached to the water bottle, elevator the rest of the balloon so that the baking soda drops into the vinegar. You can have to provide it a gentle shake come make sure it all goes in.Watch the balloon inflate! What’s happening right here is the vinegar, one acid, is producing a chemical reaction v the baking soda, a base. When the 2 substances mix, you obtain carbonic acid, i m sorry is unstable and also decomposes (falls apart) to come to be carbon dioxide (the gas that’s filling the balloon!) and also water. Due to the fact that the carbon dioxide is lot less thick than the ingredient you supplied to create it, it wants to expand, and the balloon is stretchy enough to allow it to do just that!

Terms/Concepts: fluids, density

References: Phineas and Ferb scientific research Lab, published by Scholastic, Inc., pp. 12-13 (2011).

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