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Book description

Revised and also updated to save pace via this ever changing area, Security Strategies in Windows Platdevelops and also Applications, Third Edition focuses on brand-new risks, threats, and vulnerabilities connected through the Microsoft Windows operating device, placing a particular emphasis on Windows 10, and also Windows Server 2016 and also 2019. The Third Edition highlights just how to usage tools and methods to decrease dangers arising from vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows operating systems and applications. The book also consists of a resource for readers desiring more information on Microsoft Windows OS hardening, application security, and also incident monitoring. With its obtainable composing style, and also step-by-step examples, this must-have actually resource will encertain readers are educated on the latest Windows defense techniques and approaches.

Table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Microsoft Windows and also the Threat Landscape Tenets of Indevelopment Security: The C-I-A Triad Mapping Microsoft Windows and also Applications into a Common IT Infrastructure Anatomy of Microsoft Windows Vulnerabilities Discovery-Analysis-Remediation Cycle CHAPTER 2 Security in the Microsoft Windows Operating System Operating System Components and Architecture Basic Windows Operating System Architecture Access Controls and also Authentication Security Access Tokens, Rights, and also Pergoals Users, Groups, and Active Directory Windows Attack Surdeals with and Mitigation Fundamentals of Microsoft Windows Security Monitoring and Maintenance CHAPTER 3 Access Controls in Microsoft Windows The Principle of Leastern Privilege Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, and also Windows Server 2019 Dynamic Access Control Windows Objects and also Access Controls Auditing and also Tracking Windows Access Microsoft Windows Access Management Tools CHAPTER 4 Microsoft Windows Encryption Tools and Technologies Encrypting Data System, BitLocker, and BitLocker To Go Enabling File-, Folder-, and also Volume-Level Encryption Encryption Protocols in Microsoft Windows CHAPTER 5 Protecting Microsoft Windows against Malware Types of Malware Anti-Malware Software CHAPTER 6 Group Policy Control in Microsoft Windows Group Policy Settings Making Group Policy Conform to Security Policy Types of GPOs in the Regisattempt Types of GPOs in Active Directory Designing, Deploying, and also Tracking Group Policy Controls Auditing and also Managing Group Policy Best Practices for Microsoft Windows Group Policy and also Processes CHAPTER 7 Microsoft Windows Security Profile and also Audit Tools Profiling Microsoft Windows Security Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer CHAPTER 8 Microsoft Windows Backup and Recoincredibly Tools Microsoft Windows Operating System and Application Backup and also Recoincredibly Workterminal, Server, Network-related, and Cloud Back-up Techniques Microsoft Windows and also Application Backup and also Recoextremely in a Business Continuity Setting Restoring with the Windows Backup and also Restore Utility CHAPTER 9 Microsoft Windows Netjob-related Security Netjob-related Security Principles of Microsoft Windows Netoccupational Security Securing Microsoft Windows Environment Network Services Microsoft Windows Workterminal Netjob-related Security Microsoft Windows Server Netoccupational Security Internal Network and Cloud Security CHAPTER 10 Microsoft Windows Security Administration Security Administration Synopsis Maintaining the C-I-A Triad in the Microsoft Windows OS World Microsoft Windows OS Security Administration Ensuring Due Diligence and Regulatory Compliance CHAPTER 11 Hardening the Microsoft Windows Operating System Understanding the Hardening Process and Mindcollection Hardening Microsoft Servers and also Client Computers Hardening Communications and also Remote Access CHAPTER 12 Microsoft Application Security Principles of Microsoft Application Security Web Browser Securing Key Microsoft Server Applications CHAPTER 13 Microsoft Windows Incident Handling and also Management Formulating an Incident Response Plan Plan for Anything that Could Cause Loss or Damage Handling Incident Response Acquiring and Managing Incident Evidence CHAPTER 14 Microsoft Windows and the Security Life Cycle Microsoft Windows OS and also Application Software Revision, Change Management, and also End-of-Life Phaseout CHAPTER 15 Best Practices for Microsoft Windows and also Application Security Basic Rules of Microsoft Windows OS and also Application Security

Product information

Title: Security Strategies in Windows Platcreates and also Applications, 3rd Edition Author(s): Michael G. Solomon Release date: October 2019 Publisher(s): Jones & Bartlett Learning ISBN: 9781284175639


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