Scorpion Season 2 illustration 9 Review: us vs. UN vs. UK

One that the best things around Scorpion is when the team go crazy, strange things favor making Paige pregnant in stimulate to bring fake hands. This is the kind of situation I favor to see, and the craziness and levity to be what was missing during Scorpion Season 2 episode 8. 

Then there to be the stunner twist that Gleason never ever actually died. The was every a rouse. This type of insanity worked because, well, it"s Scorpion and Gleason to be MI6. That would have been a tiny off if the case connected a local police agent in Gleason"s shoes or also just a commonwealth agent. Do you obtain what i mean?

We were constantly gift told how sophisticated and gibberish MI6 is, and also they"ve gained the mystic going because that them. Gleason currently proved he could play whatever part he wanted. He was a linguist, and then turned into a badass assassin. Why couldn"t he be able to fake his very own death?

This twist in reality made me very happy because I was yelling at him for being so stupid by firing through the cracked elevator door. That was a horrible move, yet at least it was all component of the plan.

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MI6 is trained to be unreadable. It"s favor the CIA yet with crumpets.


One last little bit of happiness prior to I start writing about Megan and also most most likely crying - among my favorite parts of this illustration was Toby calling ray to aid translate. The whole scene of beam trying to analyze via a smartphone if Toby simply rambled was hilarious. As much as stall tactics go, it is more than likely one of my favorites.

Megan and Sylvester room married!!!

It"s really not surprising that beam is a minister and also that he would certainly think that Band-Aids would be a good substitute for rings. It goes with the hospital theme, i guess, however still...anything rather would have actually been better. 

While it to be shocking that they bound the knot, it would have been good to have actually a sweet romantic moment in between Megan and also Sylvester. The closest we have gotten recently to be Megan gift absolutely heartbreaking when she begged Sylvester to never let her be intubated again. Favor I said, we haven"t yes, really had any type of happy romance through them recently. 

Megan deserved a minute of happiness that we can all bask in where she can maybe forget the world approximately her because that a minute. It could have to be an beloved scene, and also hello, I desire to hear your vows! even if it was simply Megan, Sylvester, and also Ray, ns would have still desired to check out the wedding. 

Alright, seriously, no one else yelled in ~ Walter because that what that did to Megan? Sly being upset make sense. We never ever saw Megan"s reaction. She had actually to have been ridiculously upset, and we didn"t watch a map of that, maybe due to the fact that every time Walter was there visiting her, she was asleep.

Someone else should have actually tried to make Walter watch that what that did was wrong.

Walter, act what she desires isn"t failing her.


Paige has actually been trying to get Walter to open up up and face the fact that Megan might die, and also it she would have something come say around Walter"s neglect for Megan"s wishes. Team Scorpion should have actually all had actually some say. Toby can have thrown part psychology in the mix. Cabe absolutely would have had actually an opinion. Walk this bother anyone else?

At the very least Walter finally had a minute with Megan...when she was asleep. Okay, yet I"ll take what i can gain at this point. Walter has actually been running about trying to save Megan the he never ever actually spent any type of time v her. His tiny speech to she was cute, and it highlighted the reality that Walter walk really care for his sister. We needed to watch this, and we have to see more if it.

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What did you think of the episode? What was her favorite component of the case? Would you have liked to have actually seen Megan and also Sylvester say ns do? Leave her thoughts in a comment below. Remember you can watch Scorpion online anytime via TV Fanatic.