There are plenty of comic cons about the country and also the world, however there is just one FanX™.

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Back by well-known demand… SALT LAKE COMIC CON is excited come announce FANX 2017 on march 17th & 18th at the Salt palace Convention Center!

The main goal of FanX™ 2017 is to develop an intimate, fun, family-oriented, unique, and also even much more AFFORDABLE FanXperience because that our attendees.

Shop hundreds of talented art and also merchandise vendors!

Meet celebrity guests like legendary Stan Lee, Bonnie Wright, “Weird Al” Yankovic and also more!

Get the complete line-up and also purchase tickets at

Weekdays beginning March 6th, hear all day because that your possibility to victory a pair that 2-day wristbands to SALT LAKE COMIC CON FANX from Rewind 100.7!

Finally, party v us on Friday, march 10th at the Eagle Comic Con Cosplay Party! at 50 West Club simply steps indigenous FanX™ 2017. Get every the details HERE!

Pick up her tickets 4 time a day v Rewind 100.7! hear for your cue to speak to at 7:20a, 11:20a, 1:20p and also 4:20p! Winner will get 2 multiday passes to Comic Con pan X, march 17th and 18th in ~ the Salt palace Convention facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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These space the details contest rules for the “SL Comic Con pan X 2017” on KYMV-FMDATES of CONTEST: “SL Comic Con pan X 2017” contest will operation from march 4, 2017 (6P) – march 17, 2017 (4:20P). (The “Contest Period”).HOW to PLAY: hear weekdays 4 times a day, in ~ or about 7:20a, 11:20a, 1:20p and 4:20p an on wait dj will provide you a cue to call.PRIZES: 2 multiday passes to Salt Lake Comic Con pan X 2017.Prizes room non-transferable; no substitutions space permitted.By participating, where permitted by law, every participants and also winner(s) approve the agency exclusive permission to use their names, characters, photographs, voices, and also likenesses in connection with this promo of this and also other contests and waive any claims come royalty, right, or remuneration for such use.The agency reserves the right to readjust or discontinue the challenge at any kind of time and/or to expand the end date. If the contest is readjusted or discontinued, the firm assumes no liability of any kind to any player who has actually participated in the contest. Any kind of changes to the dispute rules will certainly be announced top top the Show and posted top top the Show’s website in ~ in ~ a reasonable time prior to taking effect. Material modifications shall it is in announced on-air, once practical. By participating in this contest, friend agree to be bound through these contest rules, any kind of modifications thereof, and also by all other rules imposed by agency management. If due to circumstances beyond the regulate of Company, any type of event linked with this dispute or the prize is delayed, rescheduled, postponed or cancelled, firm reserves the right, yet not the obligation, come cancel or modify the contest and shall no be forced to compensation a substitute prize.These rules room in addition to, and also complement, any type of rules said or posted the govern contests top top the Show. In the event of any kind of discrepancy between these rules and the this firm General challenge Rules together posted or otherwise disseminated, these rules candlestick supersede.The rules, civil liberties or regulations collection forth by the present for that contests will apply to any type of Show contest winner, including any type of winner the the “Lionel/ Mariah December 2016” contest, and they might be topic to adjust without notice. The challenge rules might be viewed on the net at www.rewind1007.comRewind 100.7 and also Broadway Media is no responsible because that incorrect pouncing or missed phone calls or busy linesThere will certainly be no roll overs of prizesPrizes will have to be picked up by the winner in ~ 50 west Broadway Suite 200 Utah 84101Prizes are noted by Broadway Media and SL Comic ConBroadway Media is not responsible because that canceled concerts or postponed shows/ concertsNo alternate prizes will certainly be giving out due to concealed concert or postponed shows/ concertsPrize valued in ~ ($100.00 a pair) $50.00 individual

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