Feeling unnerved about walking in trough the former gates, the party decided to seek a different route. Backtracking along the ridge side the meandered along the shallow flow below, the party feel comfortable under the veil that night to effort a stealthy approach. One by one the party do their means down the cliff-side right into the flow below; Eldred deciding it best to leaving Veena behind. They were no the only ones yet to lurk in these waters.

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After a short encounter with several aquatic creatures, the party was able to make their means to the dockside of the the monastery. Stealth failed the party when one that the dock safety boasting a copper gilded mask noticed the floating dead carcass of one of the aquatic creatures the party previously encountered. Shortly there after it was apparent that all of the monks fashioned comparable masks.
As battled erupted, the aspect of surprise was completely lost once a fireball to be unleashed upon one of the boats that was docked. The boat was seen being unloaded by numerous elementals and two humanoid figures. One a big male goliath and the other a male mage figure resembling the likeness of Larrakh; the separation, personal, instance whom freshly escaped indigenous the dig of Floating Stones.
The humanoid number was able to dimension Door away yet again, but the goliath charged throughout the dock seamlessly traversing with the an overwhelming terrain developed from seaweed overgrowth by Bolivar. As he approached the paladin, 2 strikes from his huge stone great axe started to revolve the paladin to stone; however he was able to shrug off the effects.An arduous fought ensured through the adventurers advancing right into the behind entrance of the Sacred stone Monastery. Your efforts but were for naught as they we currently discovered. The group was approached in a polite manor by a monk, an in similar way wearing a bronze gilded mask, speak in a tongue just Zephyr might understand because of his element heritage. The acolyte demanded the the party complies with him to the temple for an audience with the Abbess Hellenrae.
Walking with the monastery adhering to the messenger, the party happen by a courtyard that flanked the enntrance gate to the temple. As they make their method they observed the three head members that The faithfulness in conversation with number of of the monks and also witness each of the men acquire their throats slit simultaneously. Castle were placed upon pikes together they walked v the courtyard without a word gift said.

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Entering the grand temple, four huge columns of organic rock dominated a shrine. A wide set of measures descends into darkness in the back part of the room, covert behind a slab-like rock altar. Large, copper-sheathed doors stand in the center of the south wall, and also smaller doors leave to the east and also west. Two narrow home windows in the north wall admit thin fingers of light from outside. Over the altar, a triangle symbol has been chiseled right into the heavy rock blocks that the wall. The most significant feature yet was a colossal size carving of the great Elemental Lord, the Evergrowing mountain Ogremoch.

tesct Sacred stone OrderBlack planet CultTemple of black EarthAbbess Hellenrae“I offer the black Earth”Details within the temple of black EarthMarlos UrnrayleYarsha - Stonemelder Durgar; hates Miraj VizannMiraj Vizann - planet Genasi “Mud Sorcerer”Nartham - Burrowshark Captain and also Skade (bullet)DevelopmentsWulgreth’s Phylactery - Tree carving; twin Tree that KothorzoThe Prince that Evil planet - OgremochMonastery