Assassin"s Creed Odyssey every Cultist Locations. Cultist ar - delivery Sunk phibìc Of Thera (Assassin"s Creed Odyssey)


New come Shacknews? Signup because that a cost-free Account. Prepare for intense naval combat as you track and eliminate the gods of the Aegean Sea cultists spread across multiple locations in Assassin"s Creed Odyssey. The gods of the Aegean Sea space particularly complicated because every one of them are on ships at sea, which calls for naval combat and also boarding if you want to eliminate its members. Below you will discover an explanation for just how to identify and also locate each member that the gods of Aegean Sea, help you insurance claim the legendary Pirate collection armor and also Gorgoneion Xiphos legend sword. Although he is provided as gift level 32, I found him and also his ship at level kill him through boarding his ship and be thankful the the loot he drops is provided to friend automatically. There is no must confirm a cultist death at sea. Upon killing Asterion a clue will certainly drop the talks about a cultist in ~ the gods of the Aegean Sea that have the right to only be eliminated by weakening the country of Melos. Head to the island and do everything you typically would to undermine the nation until the Conquest battle is available.

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The precise location you must go is presented in the map below. You deserve to use arrows to kill them native above. I specifically supplied the Ghost that Artemis ability as it seems to have a longer range. After acquiring the clue, you will acquire the specific location that the cultist. He is just south of Samos on a ship.

Ruins north of thera. God of the Aegean Sea Cultist locations

Home Discussions Workshop industry Broadcasts. Adjust language. Install Steam. Save Page. Assassin"s Creed Odyssey save Page. An international Achievements. Go anyone understand where is the info about the cultist near the ruins to the north of Thera island? last edited by HerooftheMightandMagic ; 9 Oct, am. Reflecting 1 - 15 of 21 comments. Originally posted by mine Immortal :.

After yet an ext betrayal, a new and mysterious foe emerges because that the Misthios.

This page has the locations of every Cultist Clues, Cultists, and how to death them to update the Spear and win legend weapons and equipment.New to Shacknews?The exact location you should go is shown in the map below.This overview shows where to find all Cultists.It was named after the mythical leader of the island, Theras, and was occupied from the 9th century BC till AD.

This name was additionally given come the city, the which over there is archaeological evidence dating from the nine century BCE. Harpalos is the third cultist in the Worshippers that the Bloodline, and also can be discovered via unique circumstance. You have the right to use your eagle to uncover him an ext easily. Although noted as level 32, he was nogth 31 because that me. Then, in ~ a slight distance, there are engravings relating to the ErinyesAthanaia, Biris, the CharitesHermes and Persephone Core. Leaving a answer Cancel reply her email address will not be published. You have to see some two player these ingredient on the sea. Detect a Sage is easy enough. Dive underwater and also look for this large structure at the bottom of the sea. Clue: The Cultist is facing a rebellion ~ above Delos. Several, mostly heavily damaged figures called "Daedalic idols" day from the second half of the 7th century and also were dig goods. Bring down the nation power by burning war supplies, killing soldiers, Torchlight requirements raiding the nation treasure top top Melos. Reservation 1: The Cultist to be hiding in a wolf den in Phokis. The Hydra: the is discovered on a huge ship through red sails, in the water in the bottom left edge of the map. There are a bunch that shipwrecks v the thwra on among Ruins phibìc of thera external rocks as watched in the clue ar below. To find The Mytilenian Shark football player must very first kill Melanthos. The city additionally had a harbor, no yet exactly localized, which supposedly had actually shipyards and also lodgings for sailors and soldiers. The Ruijs is a big area, however a main structure hides the nation Chest and also has a feet in the wall surface you deserve to slip right into for stealing.

This overview shows where to discover all Cultists. By climate you will already have killed two that them instantly through story progress. A most Cultists are likewise tied come side pursuits as will certainly be mentioned in the location guide below. You can view the Cultist food selection to see ideas on every one. Others will certainly tell friend to draw out Cultists via conquest Battles in particular regions or go uncover their hints in caves, shipwrecks and other places. For this reason feel totally free to skip all the clues and also just go right to the locations below unless declared otherwise. The Cultists that space tied come Side pursuits are the only exception, for them you have to play their pursuits first. The Cultists in the inner circle deserve to only be revealed after killing every others in the branch. After death 41 Cultists the Ghost that Kosmos Leader will be revealed. You deserve to use her eagle come scan for she she has actually a golden crown icon.





Ruins phibìc of thera. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey every Cultist Locations

The precise location you need to go is presented in the map below. You deserve to use arrows to death them native above. I specifically supplied the Ghost the Artemis ability as it seems to have actually a much longer range.

After gaining the clue, girlfriend will acquire the exact location that the cultist. The is just south that Samos top top a ship. Simple Reviews is a participant in the Amazon solutions LLC Associates Program, an affiliate proclaiming program draft to carry out a method for sites to thwra heralding fees by advertising and also linking to amazon. Among the cultists under the god Ruinx the Aegean Sea branch is a little difficult to find.

The clue because that the cultist Mytilenean Shark can be uncovered somewhere phibìc of Thera. You have to see several of these stuff on the sea. Dive underwater and also look because that this large structure in ~ the bottom the the sea. Go in the direction of it. As soon as you reach Gratuitous tank area, girlfriend may an alert a pair of sharks. I had actually to death 5 sharks in total.

You should additionally see a notice that the cultist proviso is nearby. Kill The Mytilenian Shark After acquiring the clue, girlfriend will gain the exact location of the cultist. Together usual, just sink the ship or initiate boarding once the HP is low. Friend will obtain the next cultist clue after defeating The Mytilenean Shark. I"m one of two people the writer because that this article, or I"m just publishing on instead of of someone else.

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Cultist location - ship Sunk phibìc Of Thera (Assassin"s Creed Odyssey)

Thera is one island in the south-east 4 minutes 1 of the map, and there is an underwater ruin about m north-east of Thera"s most northern shore. Try there. Spot phibìc of thera, it"s a drowned ship, you must use Icaros eyes to clues chest, it"s on one of them, however you"ll need to wet yourself:) critical edited through Lemdoran ; Oct 9,