Rudolph makes his new york debut

part say he had a an extremely shiny nose, while others hypothesise that it even glowed prefer a light-bulb... One thing"s for sure, Rudolph is the most famous reindeer of every Santa"s helpers and also this festive season he"ll it is in bringing the magic of the lovely 1964 TV one-of-a-kind to stage, noting a distinct Yuletide debut for the large apple!

as with the standard TV show, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer attributes a host of the same personalities including the main man himself and his wife, Santa and Mrs. Claus, Clarice and also the Abominable snow Monster. Don"t miss the opportunity to act the whole family come a festive and also musical adventure that"ll teach the little ones the worth of gift unique!



Opening night: 1 December 2016


You might be compelled to have had a COVID vaccine in bespeak to to visit this performance or display proof of a negative test. Please call the venue straight for more information top top this.

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