Get her girl strength on – whether because that Halloween or in day-to-day life – and also tie your hair up in a bandana favor Rosie the Riveter. This standard look recalls the above "We can Do It" poster that was produced by the U.S. Federal government to attract women into the ammunition workforce in the early 1940s. This days, you"re an ext likely to view rockabilly girls sporting Rosie"s classic red bandana at tattoo conventions 보다 on manufacturing facility lines, yet the look maintains that is tough-chick chic.

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Twist your hair right into a bun in ~ the ago of your head. Certain it all the method around v bobby pins. Depending on the size of her hair, you could find it less complicated to develop two to three tiny buns to keep the hair flatter against your head.

Fold the bandana in half diagonally to produce a triangle and take the right external edge the the triangle in your best hand and the left outer edge in her left hand.

Lean forward at the waist and also lay the folded edge of the bandana follow me your hairline at the earlier of your head. The center suggest of the triangle should cover the crown of her head and suggest toward your forehead.

Still bent, traction both that the end up end the center allude of the triangle at the peak of your head. Tie the ends right into a single knot – favor the start of a bow – so the the center allude is trapped beneath the knot.

Straighten yourself up and also give the overlapped end a tug come tighten the base of the knot. The suggest of the facility triangle have to stick out in prior of the knot and also you should have actually two huge flaps poking out simply behind the knot, one on every side of her head.

Fold the big flaps inward, toward the top facility of her head. Tuck castle in ~ above themselves, hiding the excess cloth beneath the sides of the bandana.

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If desired, certain the bottom that the bandana come the hair at the nape of her neck with a bobby pen on every side of the head.

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