Rosa Louise McCauley to be born on February 4th, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama come James McCauley and Leona Edwards and also was the larger sibling that her brothers Sylvester. She parents would at some point separate top Rosa to relocate to jaw Level, Alabama through her mother and brother wherein they live on her grandparents' farm.

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On December 18th, 1932, when Rosa was 19, she married Raymond Parks in Montgomery, Alabama. After your marriage, Rosa functioned at number of jobs including working as a hospice aide and also a residential worker. The complying with year, at she husband's urging, Rosa went back to finish her high college courses. As soon as she did this, she was of only 7% the African-Americans, at this time, that were able to likewise do so. In 1943, Parks joined her regional chapter of the NAACP and was chosen secretary the the chapter, a position which she organized until 1957.

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks boarded a bus in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, and sat in the an initial row of seats booked for black color people. In ~ this time, Montgomery city law compelled the segregation of passenger by gyeongju and enabled bus drivers to entrust seats as they enjoyment to accomplish this goal. Top top this day, the bus driver i found it that some of the white passengers to be left standing. This motivated the driver to relocate the sign noting the "white" and "colored" part behind the row Parks was sitting in and also told every one of the black color passengers in the row to move and also give up your seats. An argument in between Parks and the driver ensued after she refused to offer up her seat and the driver would speak to the police to have Parks arrested.

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Booking photo of Rosa Parks


After her arrest, Parks ended up being an symbol of the civil rights motion in the united States and also would continue to be an icon until her fatality on October 24th, 2005 as soon as she to be 92 year old.

The parental of Rosa Parks: James McCauley and also Leona Edwards

James McCauley was born April 22nd, 1886 in Abbeville, Alabama come Anderson McCauley and also Louisa Collins. Leona Edwards to be born April 2nd, 1888 in jaw Level, Alabama to parents who names room unknown. James functioned as a carpenter, homebuilder, and also brick and also built plenty of structures roughly Henry County, Alabama if Leona operated as a college teacher in Alabama. James and Leona married ~ above April 17th, 1917, in Montgomery, Alabama once James to be 25 and Leona was 24. Leona and James had two youngsters during their lives together, Rosa and Sylvester. James died on January 19th, 1962 at age 75 in Fresno, California. Leona passed away on December 12th, 1979 at period 91 in Detroit, Michigan.

James McCauley

Leona Edwards

Rosa Parks' Grandparents: Anderson McCauley and also Louisa Collins

Anderson McCauley was born in may of 1849 in Georgia and also was born right into slavery. Anderson's mother was a native American woman called Ghiogee and his father to be of Irish and Cherokee lower . Because this to be the case, Anderson was described as a mulatto, i beg your pardon is a now outdatted term because that a human is component white. Anderson would later marry Louisa Collins, a as soon as slave who was born in Georgia. Anderson and Louisa would later on move to Alabama, roughly the year 1884, where Anderson operated as a farmer. Anderson would uncover success as a farmer and also would accumulate close come 500 acres in Henry County, Alabama prior to his fatality in the 1910s. Rosa’s grandmother died in 1941 at period 91.

Anderson McCauley

Louisa Collins

Rosa Parks descends native a line of strong individuals i m sorry undoubtedly had actually an influence on she life and also her drive to do a distinction during the civil rights movement. She will certainly be remembered for her actions throughout this movement and also will offer as an ideas for plenty of other activists in the generations to come.