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My bad! I understand this is a late write-up but it’s much better than nothing! It took me for bit to assemble my think while balancing other projects. But again, thank you for trying out this collection with me! right here are my last thoughts for the an initial season that The increasing of the Shield Hero (2019)!

Episode 24: Bromance Broken

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Honestly, we haven’t seen any type of fighting-against-the-Waves action in a while so ns was nice excited because that this episode! Not only that, I also couldn’t wait to check out Naofumi gift able to food out against the monsters through the brand-new brotherhood the had developed with L’arc. Yet the minute when the looked to L’arc with sincerity, L’arc transforms away…

Hmm… suspicious…

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ranran-001 from Crunchyroll Forums)

When the gigantic Narwhal monster appears, the three Heroes (minus Naofumi) all use their Meteor strikes but come no avail. Honestly, they’re prefer Magikarps: their go-to and also only attack involves “Meteor” whatever but it doesn’t perform jack-squat, just like Splash for Magikarps.

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Are you certain they’re the world’s only qualified saviours? Instead, with organized teamwork, Team Naofumi, L’arc, and Therese were able come take down the Narwhal. Yay.