Cancer that beginning in the liver (primary liver cancer) doesn"t usually cause symptoms in the beforehand stages. When you do have symptoms, they deserve to include: 

load lossyellowing that the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice)itchingfeeling sickswollen tummy (abdomen)loss that appetite or feeling complete after eating small amounts pain in your abdomena bump in the appropriate side of her abdomen

If you already have a liver condition such together cirrhosis, call your doctor if you have actually any brand-new or worsening symptoms.

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See your GP if girlfriend have any of these symptoms. Remember main liver cancer isn't usual in the UK and also these symptoms have the right to be brought about by various other conditions. Yet it's important to acquire them checked by a doctor.

About these symptoms

The symptoms vary depending on where the cancer is. Part symptoms, such together itching, are caused by the jaundice. 

Symptoms of liver cancer are regularly quite vague, together as feeling sick and loss the appetite.

Weight loss

Unexplained load loss is a symptom of liver cancer. This way losing weight without an interpretation to.

Your doctor will want to uncover out the reason if girlfriend lose much more than 5% the your common weight end 6 come 12 months. See your doctor if over there is no noticeable reason for her weight loss.

Yellowing the the skin and also whites that the eyes (jaundice)

Jaundice is the yellowing that the skin and the whites of the eyes. As soon as you have jaundice your wee (urine) is darker 보다 normal and your poo (stools or faeces) is lighter in colour. Most people who have actually jaundice also have itchy skin and also may feeling sick. 

Jaundice is resulted in by a blockage in the bile duct or her liver not working properly. 

You can get a high temperature (fever) as soon as you have actually jaundice. High temperature deserve to be a authorize of inflammation or one infection. When your temperature is high you might feel cold and shivery.

A swollen ship (abdomen)

Liver cancer can cause swelling of the tummy (abdomen). This could be because:

the liver gets bigger from the farming cancer, and also causes ede on the ideal side of her abdomen the cancer (or cirrhosis) rises pressure in the liver leading to blood to earlier up in the vessels (veins). This forces liquid out the the veins right into the abdomen (ascites)

The raised pressure in the veins can make castle swell so they could be seen under the surface of your abdomen. Ascites can also develop once the liver no making enough blood protein (albumin).

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A swollen abdomen might cause discomfort or pain, and a lose of appetite or feeling full quickly. 

A swollen (enlarged) liver can reason pain in your best shoulder. This is due to the fact that the enlarged liver stimulates nerves that connect to nerves in the shoulder. It is called referred pain.