When fitness trackers first hit the market, they to be honestly a little bland. Many of them came through black bands and there weren"t a whole lot of ways you can customize lock or snazz them up. Thankfully, us live in a human being where Amazon exists which has quite literally opened up a whole new world of choices for customizing your gear. The Garmin Vivosmart HR is a good fitness tracker and if you got one over the holidays you can be searching for a way to customize it a little. We"ve obtained you covered.

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The ideal in leather: Zeshlla deluxe Leather clock Band

Staff Pick

Leather is awesome. I have actually several leather accessories in my life and leather clock bands are one of my more favorite things. Zeshlla uses two various color choices to match your wardrobe to make sure you"re always looking her best.


Best overall: Garmin Vivosmart HR tape Kit

When it concerns replacement products, the first place i usually examine is straight with the manufacturer. It provides sense the if castle designed the product itself climate they would have the most compatible accessories. Garmin renders their very own replacement band kits for the Vivosmart HR which you can gain right from your website.


Best top top a budget: Oenfoto Vivosmart HR replacement Band

If you"re searching for a quick and easy replacement tape for her Vivosmart HR that won"t break the bank, this is a great one to look at. It"s fine reviewed and it includes all the gear you must put the on.


Add part color: TECKMICO Garmin Vivosmart HR Bands (6 Pieces)

If you"re anything prefer me, you like including a small color to your world. TECKMICO offers you 6 various color alternatives to pick from here and they"re all simple to install. Ideal of all, it"s a nice affordable price.


Metal mesh: ANCOOL Stainless steel Mesh clock Band

Metal mesh clock bands have actually been roughly for a while yet it"s for sure to say that Apple make them much an ext popular v the to apologize watch. Well, many thanks to Ancool, friend can get one that these great bands for your Vivosmart HR too. It"s made of stainless steel and comes in silver or climbed gold.

For those who favor to be a little more fashion forward, Ancool has actually a pretty stainless stole loop band that looks great and renders a statement. It comes in climbed gold and also silver to match your style and it"s not as well expensive either.

Bottom Line

Customizing my gear is among my favorite points to do due to the fact that it renders it for this reason much an ext personal. Instead of being simply a gadget, it becomes a component of my everyday life i m sorry is precisely how technology is an alleged to work. I"m a leather male so my favourite on this perform is the Zeshlla animal leather Watch tape for its standard style and soft animal leather feel.

TECKMICO"s load of colorful bands is also wonderful choice, however, due to the fact that it gives you prompt versatility and a myriad that choices. If you"re in search of something a little more flashy however, the ANCOOL Stainless steel Bracelet tape will more than likely do the trick. The options are as unlimited as your mood and also style sense.

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All the colors of Garmin Vivosmart 4

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