I love to swim, yet I dislike public pools. I’m not really versus the principle of share a pool v people, much more the execution that it, wherein you unexpectedly end up in the middle of a spirited game being played by a group of young children or simply a tiny too close because that comfort to that older gentleman in a speedo. Ns guess I’m just not a pan of overfilled public pools. I prefer my space.

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This weekend i came across a means to live that exclusive pool dream on mine writer budget: Swimply. An Airbnb of sorts for pools, the organization lets friend rent who else’s swimming pool for the afternoon.

Unfortunately because that me, over there aren’t any kind of pools noted on the company in mountain Francisco (do world own pools in SF?), yet there are a ton elsewhere. Searching for a pool in Los Angeles for next Friday, for instance, brought up a few $50/hr options.


One swimming pool would allow up to eight civilization to sign up with me because that my swim, and also offers a warm tub. The other had a diving board along with a hot bathtub and would certainly let me lug 15 friends along for the reservation.

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When you looking at a personal swim because that one, $50/hr is nice steep. If you have actually a family members of four or an ext or a group of friends, then that price is beginning to obtain close come what you’ll pay come hit the public pool (or less), other than probably a lot nicer.