Rent A Hero (レンタヒーロー) (additionally mistakenly named Rent-A-Hero; Sega has never used hyphens in the game"s romanized name) is a Japan-exclusive action RPG arisen by Sega R&D 8 for the Sega Mega Drive in 1991 with a huge emphasis on humour. It complies with Taro Yamada (or "Rent A Hero"), a hero for hire that demands to finish miscellaneous tasks to save the day.

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The game borrows the engine used in Phantasy Star III, however instead of turn-based battles opponents are beat through a versus-fighting system equivalent to Street Fighter II.



Though largely unknown to the western world, Rent A Hero has actually been referenced a number of times across Sega products, including Fighters Megamix in which Taro is an unlockable character.

The game was remade for the Sega Dreamactors as Rent A Hero No.1. It has additionally been re-released as part of the Wii"s Virtual Console company in Japan, and as among the 42 pre-mounted games on the Mega Drive Mini in Japan.

A preliminary fan translation was released in 1998 by the Eidolon Translation Group. In 2010, a user named Paul Jensen announced a complete translation, which was ultimately released in 2015.


Localised names

Also well-known asLanguageLocalised NameEnglish Translation
JapaneseレンタヒーローRent A Hero

Production credits



Sega Retro Average Beep! MegaDrive (JP)
<5>Famitsu (JP)NTSC-J73
<6>Hippon Super (JP)NTSC-J60
<7>Mega Drive Fan (JP)NTSC-J72
<8>Sega Sarevolve Magazine (JP)NTSC-J84
<9>Super Gaming (US)50



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