Move 8 sticks to make 2 squares from the 5 squares matchstick puzzle figure

5 squares puzzle: relocate 8 sticks to make 2 squares in the 5 squares puzzle number. How many kind of methods have the right to you fix the puzzle? You have 30 minutes to solve.

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The 8 relocate 5 squares matchstick puzzle

Part 1: You have to make 2 squares from the 5 squares matchstick puzzle figure by relocating as many kind of as 8 matchsticks.

Part 2: In how many type of methods can you resolve the puzzle? In various other words, what are the various methods or approaches through which you have the right to fix the puzzle?

Part 3: How many kind of unique solution deserve to you find? A distinctive solution means, if you revolve the solution number in any kind of way, it will still reprimary distinct. And you have to find ALL such distinct options.


This 3rd component is not easy.

To solve 3 parts of the puzzle trouble, total recommended time is 30 minutes.

Try to deal with the puzzle before you go with the solution. It"ll certain be complex.

Part I: Immediate intuitive Systems by bird"s eye see look: 5 squares puzzle: Move 8 sticks to make 2 squares

Look at the puzzle figure, taking in all parts of the graphic simultaneously without focusing on a details stick. And all at once attempt to mentally move pairs of sticks to the periphery of a three stick long external square.

This is an exploratory approach and also if you have the right to imagine the four stick pair activities from inside the perimeter of the 3 stick lengthy external square, you will certainly obtain in 8 moves 2 squares—one large square of 3-stick side size, and also the second, a little square of one-stick side-length.

The transformation of the puzzle number on the left to solution number on the ideal might be automatic and also in a few tens of secs.


Follow the four pairs of arrows along which the four pairs of sticks are TRANSLATED horizontally and also vertically to develop the two squares in 8 stick moves.

If you can check out the solution, you will certainly be able to view it very quickly.

This is a powerful way to deal with any problem—the intuitive means.

But can you answer the question on number of unique solutions?

Part II: 5 squares puzzle: relocate 8 sticks to make 2 squares: Number of distinctive solutions: Systematic Analytical Solutions to the Puzzle

You"ll now soptimal for a minute and also reorient your mind to analytical mode.

First Phase: 5 squares puzzle: relocate 8 sticks to make 2 squares: Number analysis: Move 8 sticks from the 5 squares and also create 2 squares

Analytical solution of any matchstick puzzle consisting of continual geometric shapes invariably starts through COUNTING of variety of sticks and also then trying to imagine what type of figure the solution would be.

The 5 squares in the puzzle are consisted of of 16 matchsticks, and you need to make 2 squares out of 16 matchsticks.

First conclusion is basic to make—it seems tbelow is no means an equal sized two-square solution from 16 sticks have the right to be got to, but yes,

It should be feasible to develop one huge square and also the second a smaller sized square from provided figure in 8 stick moves.

As the number of sticks to be moved are fairly big, avoiding widespread stick evaluation, you"ll resort to number evaluation to understand also what kind of two squares CAN be created.

2nd phase: 5 squares puzzle: move 8 sticks to make 2 squares: Analysis of the structure of the puzzle to uncover nature of shape that will certainly be formed—Number analysis

First fact in forming squares,

Number of sticks compelled to develop a square have to be an also integer divisible by 4 bereason all 4 sides will be of very same length.


Split 16 right into 2 numbers, variety of sticks required for the first square and also the second square. Assume that the 2 solution squares would have NO COMMON STICKS.

The possibilities of 16 as a amount of 2 multiples of 4 are only 2,

$16=4 + 12$, and,

$16=8 + 8$.

First combination of 16=4 + 12: One 1-stick side square plus a 2nd 3-stick side square.

2nd combination of 16 = 8 + 8: Two numbers of 2-stick side squares. Right?

At the minute keeping the second possibility of equal sized 2 squares stored away in memory for later use, continue the threview of reasoning for unequal size of squares and also visualize that,

The larger square have to be the square that will certainly be developed by NOT MOVING the 4 outermost sticks and the four 4 innerthe majority of sticks that create an existing little square.

Move rest 8 sticks and you will certainly gain the solution you have reached intuitively in the start. This has been your first distinctive solution.

On this occasion, you have reached the very same solution however via one more, a little sreduced but more assured, course of analytical reasoning.

Exploring the second opportunity of 16 = 8 + 8 sticks to create two squares: 5 squares puzzle: relocate 8 sticks to make 2 squares

Now discover how the second possibility of 16 sticks = 8 sticks + 8 sticks, can be used to create a solution number in 8 stick moves.

Truth is, A square comprised 8 sticks means, each side is comprised of 2 sticks, $2 imes4=8$, isn"t it? That is evident.

But what loved one position would the 2 squares take?

Answer to this question is additionally simple,

As tbelow have to be no common stick in between the two squares (all 16 sticks having actually been used up in making the sides of the 2 squares), the two mid-sized squares have to be corner-associated and also standalone.

It will certainly be no trouble for you to imagine such a configuration.

And when you develop the final solution figure as below, via a little bit of trial you must additionally have the ability to form this new figure from the offered puzzle number by relocating specifically 8 sticks.


The 8 sticks that are moved are established by red check marks and these 8 sticks in the old figure are faded out. The sticks not check-noted or faded out are 8 in number and also those are the sticks that stayed unrelocated.

This is the second rorationally unique solution.

On four corners of the old number you can develop a new square of side size of 2 sticks, yet these four configurations would be indistinguishable to each other on rotation by multiples of $90^0$. So instead of four distinctive remedies, you gain one unique solution of this configuration.

Without organized evaluation, it is not basic to discover this possibility let alone form this solution.

You may feel the solution is complete. But no, it still remains to answer the troublesome question—Can we have actually any even more solutions?

Only as soon as you explore all possibilities and discover ALL Solutions with certainty, your answer is exhaustively finish.

Exploring ALL POSSIBLE solutions: Trial through possible solution configurations: 5 squares puzzle: move 8 sticks to make 2 squares

Now you have to usage number evaluation, trial and also deductive thinking to answer this fairly difficult question.

Strategy adopted,

Form feasible solution configurations by number evaluation and also matchstick puzzle concepts and discover whether the possible solution number can be got to from the given puzzle number by moving just 8 sticks.

First take the combination of two squares via 12 + 4 = 16 sticks.

Tbelow can have actually been a 2nd rotationally distinctive solution for this combicountry, with the smaller sized square located outside the larger square and associated at one of the four corners. The following is such a number.


Offhand you may think it needs 12 stick moves. But if you attempt, you have to have the ability to form this number from the puzzle figure in a minimum of 10 stick moves, not 8.

This is NOT a valid solution.

What around the combination of 16 = 8 + 8?

You have actually already uncovered out the just feasible rotationally distinctive solution for this combicountry. This route of exploration is worn down.

But yes, you have actually not thought about the possibility of a solution via COMMON sticks.

Exploring the possibility of solution to the 5 squares puzzle: relocate 8 sticks to make 2 squares through widespread sticks

Again we would certainly begin through number evaluation.

If you think a bit you would realize that tright here have the right to be just one probable configuration through common sticks that deserve to be explored for solution to the puzzle—a figure consisting of,

$16 ext sticks = 12 ext sticks + 8 ext sticks - 4 ext common sticks$.

Number of prevalent sticks have to be a multiple of 4, and also for each prevalent stick variety of maximum stick need will minimize by 1.

You cannot consider a bigger square of side size 4 sticks because that itself would certainly consume all 16 sticks leaving nopoint for the second square even after taking account of prevalent sticks.

This suggests,

The probable solution would certainly consist of a larger square of 3 stick side length and a middle-sized square of 2 stick side size inside the larger square. The two squares would have actually 4 sticks common in between them.

From number analysis you can be particular that there cannot be any type of other possibility of two squares formed by 16 sticks with a few common sticks between the 2.

The complying with is the third probable solution figure made up of a 3-stick side square and also one more 2-stick side square via 4 sticks common between them.


Can you create this number from the puzzle figure in 8 stick moves? Go ahead. Give it a try.

You"ll find that this also is a solution.

We leave this little job of forming the solution figure in 8 stick moves to you.

Hint: Concentrate on maintaining UNMOVED maximum number of sticks that would belong to the 3 stick side size and also 2 stick side size brand-new squares.

So, full variety of unique solutions to the puzzle is 3.

Summing up

1. First, you have adhered to intuitive technique making use of defocused bird"s eye watch to SEE the solution pattern,

2. Second, by a combination of Number analysis, Matchstick concepts, Deductive thinking and also principle based trial on Possible solutions, all three distinct valid options are got to.

This is a beautiful stick puzzle rich in discovering potential.

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End Note

If you develop your own matchstick puzzle and also deal with it exhaustively utilizing all methods you understand and also can produce, it will be a richly rewarding suffer.

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