Who is regime Edwards?

Reign Edwards was born in Harford County, Maryland USA, top top 1 December 1996 – her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and also she hold American nationality. She an actress and also a singer-songwriter, probably known ideal for depicting the personality Nicole Avant in the soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

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Early life and also education

Reign grew up in a working course family, alongside her older sister Angel. She was a very active and flamboyant child, and also apparently she parents assumed that she’d become a Hollywood star when Reign to be still an extremely young. In ~ the period of three, she was assigned to perform her very first photoshoot, revealing in a recent interview that she was very shy in ~ first, covering her confront with her hands.

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When she to be 11 years old, her mom Destinis drive her all the way from Maryland to California, so the she can attend her first acting audition. Aside from acting, Reign also loved come play basketball, and dreamed around becoming a WNBA player, yet gave up on she aspirations when she realized that she i will not ~ be tall sufficient to it is in a skilled player.

After matriculating from a neighborhood high school, power didn’t enroll in ~ a college, since she was currently busy with work. However, she recently took one of the many totally free online college courses, to more educate herself.

Roles in movies

Reign do her acting debut in the 2008 romantic drama “Explicit Ills”, written and also directed by note Weber, and which likewise starred Paul Deno, Rosario Dawson and Naomie Harris.

Three year later, she showed up alongside Kevin Hart and also Tamal Jones in the romantic comedy “35 and also Ticking”, following a team of thirty-something year-olds as they shot to figure out their love lives. In the film, power played the younger version of the key character, Zenobia.

After having exclusively starred in TV collection for a few years, she went back to film in 2018, as soon as she played among the leader in the horror thriller “Hell Fest”, command by Gregory Plotkin, and which also starred Amy Forsyth and Bex Taylor-Klaus. It complies with a team of teenagers being stalked through a serial killer. The movie received mixed reviews indigenous the critics, through the agreement generally being the although the movie offers the audience a reason to scream, it doesn’t sell anything that hasn’t currently been seen.

Later in 2021, we’re expecting to see regime in the drama “Love you Anyway”, written and also directed through Anna Matz, i beg your pardon is at this time in post-production.

Roles in TV series

Reign made her very first TV collection appearance in 2015, when she play the next character Winnie Lee, in three episodes of the Nickelodeon comedy “The Thundermans”. In the exact same year, she showed up alongside Zendaya, in an episode of the Disney Channel series “K.C. Undercover”.

Reign’s breakthrough TV series function was in the CBS soap opera “The Bold and also the Beautiful”, developed by wilhelm J. Bell and Lee Philip Bell. The collection is set in Los Angeles, California, and also follows the Forrester family members who own an haute couture business. It has actually been airing due to the fact that 1987, and also has come to be one the the most-watched soap operas in the world, averaging over 30 million viewers per episode.

In the series, regime played the personality of Nicole native 2015 come 2018, and also for her performance was nominated for 3 Daytime Emmy Awards in the exceptional Younger Actress in a Drama collection category.

From 2017 come 2019, she appeared in 13 episodes of the action drama “MacGyver”, produced by Peter M. Lenkov and also Paul Downs Colaizzo, and also which additionally starred Lucas Till, Tristin Mays and Justin Hires.

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Reign is at this time playing the role of Melody Wright, in the FX crime drama “Snowfall”, additionally starring Damson Idris, Carter Hudson and also Dave Andron.