I’ve do the efforts wearing before I execute something, way WAY before I execute something and also just never ever taking the off and also I still acquire that bounty saying Aurther Morgan. Am ns doing the wrong in which method or is the mask glitched and not functioning properly?????


Bit that a controversy going on around that many world say it’s because of this or that and realism etc, and many others such as myself think it’s a glitch or pest or just has actually kinks that have to be smoothed out.

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The debates that people lug up to define why yes nothing wrong with it makes sense, yet are quiet often debunked by rather (without proof).

This is something that ns think R* requirements to make a statement around and clean the wait otherwise it’s just going to it is in a matter of opinion.

I read today that you may have to have a full change of apparel & the mask. But who to know if that's true.

I do the efforts that. It no work. I adjusted clothes put in a mask and also used a various horse and also I was way away from world when ns did, still obtained a bounty of speak Arthur Morgan

Tried it, doesn't work. Whole new outfit, walk in through mask on. Quiet knew my identification from the get go. Mask go jack shit

Need to get out that the area ASAP and also have no witnesses. The game guide explains it v a circulation chart.

Gonna repost other I said yesterday;

My suggest was that just covering increase your challenge does no mask your identity, and also the same goes for this game. Her Hat offers you away, her horse offers you away, your beard provides you away, your clothes give friend away, her holsters give you away, your weapons give girlfriend away, and in goals your associates give you away (Hmm the train to be robbed by the van der Linde gang + one unknown bandana fella)

You room wrong around the explicit duty of the bandana, it does no hide your identity and it go not avoid a bounty. What is does execute is... As soon as you go a crime when wearing a bandana, you will gain Wanted, when you escape the wanted \"red zone\" if you remove the bandana then your Wanted standing will autumn faster. That's every it does.

Bounties space cleared by paying them or turning yourself in and serving time in jail. Actions have consequences.

And yes, a majority of the crimes that you walk in story goals that land you a bounty are directly tied to the valve der Linde outlaw gang.

Bounties room an integral part of the game, a game about an outlaw, why would you acquire to avoid them at the click of a button?

And if girlfriend payed fist in the tutorial, it explicitly says the a mask alone is not enough to conceal her identity

Here's just how I've found to rob a store and also get no bounty;

Put on a outfit you have actually never worn, that the townsfolk have actually never seen, including a full challenge mask.

Change your firearms to some non customised ones that the townsfolk have actually never seen Arthur use.

Ride your steed to a diverted area outside of town, and walk right into town.

Beeline it for the keep you setup to rob, protect against all lawmen, encountering lawmen will destroy the entirety attempt.

Threaten the shopkeeper and get the to open the register, pistol whip him to knock that out, committing murder greatly increases the possibility of lawmen identifying you.

Run from the store, staying clear of lawmen, and steal a horse. Conveniently ride the stolen steed to whereby your equine is hidden.

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Swap horses, adjust clothes, and escape into the desert as an unidentified suspect.