Season 15 illustration 1 - jane Fonda; Keith Olbermann; pagan McGhee; Jon Meacham; cutting board Perez

Season 15 opens up on inauguration day v actress mrs Fonda and also GQ unique correspondent Keith Olbermann together the interview guests. The roundtable includes: Demos president Heather McGhee, author and presidential historian Jon Meacham and former Secretary that Labor and also DNC chair candidate cutting board Perez. Air date : 20th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 2 - Richard Haass; man Avlon; Eva Longoria; Grover Norquist; Tim Ryan

Richard Haass, chairman of the board of directors of international Relations and John Avlon, editor-in-chief of the daily Beast space the interview guests. Bill"s roundtable panel includes: actress Eva Longoria, Ohio"s autonomous congressman Tim Ryan and the founder and president of american for taxation Reform, Grover Norquist. Air date : 27th-Jan-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 3 - Michael Eric Dyson; Jason Kander, Tomi Lahren and also Rick Wilson; Leah Remini

Bill"s interview guests are African American scholastic Michael Eric Dyson and actress Leah Remini. Bill"s roundtable includes: Missouri"s Secretary of State and also US veteran Jason Kander, conservative political commentator because that "The Blaze", Tomi Lahren and Republican strategist and also Daily Beast contributor rick Wilson. Air date : 3rd-Feb-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 4 - Sen. Al Franken; Piers Morgan, Karine Jean-Pierre and also John Waters; Jim Jefferies

Bill"s interview guests are Minnesota democratic Senator Al Franken and also filmmaker man Waters. Bill"s roundtable includes: Mail online editor-at-large Piers Morgan, comic and also writer Jim Jeffries and Karine Jean-Pierre native MoveOn.org. Air date : 10th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 5 - Milo Yiannopoulos; Rep. Jack Kingston, Jeremy Scahill and Larry Wilmore; Leah Remini

Bill"s interview guests room Milo Yiannopoulos, an elderly editor of Breitbart News and also actress Leah Remini. Bill"s roundtable panel includes: comedian and political commentator Larry Wilmore, media commentator and also terrorism/intelligence experienced Malcolm Nance and also former us congressman from Georgia, Jack Kingston. Air day : 17th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 6 - Rep. Darrell Issa; Sen. Angus King, Asra Nomani and Seth MacFarlane; Fran Lebowitz

Bill"s interview guest are: California Republican congressman Darrell Issa, and also author Fran Lebowitz. Bill"s roundtable includes: actor/producer Seth McFarlane, activist Asra Nomani, and Maine"s united state Senator Angus King. Air date : 24th-Feb-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 7 - Rosa Brooks; Jeffrey Lord, delight Reid and also Charlie Sykes; invoice McKibben

Bill"s interview guests are: Environmentalist and also founder the 350.org, bill McKibben and also Charlie Sykes indigenous Indivisible. Bill"s roundtable include: CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord, the MSNBC"s happiness Reid and also author and also former Pentagon policy advisor Rosa Brooks. Air date : 3rd-Mar-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 8 - Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse; Barney Frank and Andrew Sullivan; Jake Tapper

Bill"s roundtable guests include: democratic US Senator from Rhode Island Sheldon Whitehouse, former democratic US Congressman native Massachusetts Barney Frank, CNN anchor and host that "The Lead" Jake Tapper and conservative blogger and contributing editor of new York newspaper Andrew Sullivan. Air day : 17th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 9 - Matt Schlapp; chris Hayes, Louise Mensch, and also Max Brooks; Timothy Snyder

Bill"s interview guest are: Matt Schlapp, chairman that the American Conservative Union and also historian Timothy Snyder. Bill"s roundtable guest are: MSNBC commentator kris Hayes, writer Max Brooks, and also British commentator and former member the Parliament, Louise Mensch. Air date : 24th-Mar-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 10 - roger Stone; Jose Antonio Vargas; Michael Hayden; rick Santorum; Neera Tanden

Bill"s interview guest are: Republican politics Consultant and also Trump Confidant, Roger rock and the previous Director of the nationwide Security Agency, general Michael Hayden. Bill"s roundtable guests are: former Republican us Senator and Presidential Candidate native Pennsylvania, stack Santorum, President for the center for American Progress, Neera Tanden and the Founder and also CEO of specify America and EmergingUS, Jose Antonio Vargas. Air day : 31st-Mar-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 11 - Chelsea Handler; Ted Lieu; Evan McMullin; Ana Navarro

Bill"s interview guests are: former Presidential Candidate and CIA Operative Evan McMullin and also Actress/Comedian Chelsea Handler. Bill"s roundtable guest are: autonomous Congressman from California, Ted Lieu, Republican Strategist and CNN Commentator Ana Navarro and also the brand-new Yorker"s Lelani Cobb. Air date : 7th-Apr-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 12 - Arwa Damon; S.E. Cupp, David Miliband, Rep. Seth Moulton; Hanna Rosin

Bill"s interview guest is Arwa Damon. Arwa Damon is an Emmy-winning journalist and also CNN’s senior International Correspondent. She documentary, “Return come Mosul,” around going earlier to the city she spent 28 hrs hiding in while it was under siege by ISIS, aired critical month ~ above CNN. She is co-founder the INARA, a non-profit the helps war wounded kids find medical care. Bill"s roundtable guests incorporate the President and also CEO that the international Rescue Committee, David Miliband, conservative political commentator S.E. Cupp, writer and also author Hanna Rosin and the democratic congressman indigenous Massachusetts, Seth Moulton. Air date : 21st-Apr-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 13 - Elizabeth Warren; Ernest Moniz; Nick Hanauer; rob Reiner; Tara Setmayer

Bill"s interview guest is autonomous Senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, author of the book, "This Is ours Fight: The battle to save America"s center Class." Bill"s roundtable guest are: undertaking capitalist Nick Hanauer, movie director rob Reiner, CNN politics commentator and also editor the "Voices", Tara Setmayer and former Secretary that Energy, Ernest Moniz. Air date : 28th-Apr-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 14 - man Kasich; Gabriel Sherman; Philip Mudd; George Packer; Maya Wiley

Bill"s interview guest is Ohio"s Republican Governor and former Presidential Candidate, man Kasich. The Governor"s new book is "Two Paths: America split or United." Bill"s roundtable guests room Civil rights Activist Maya Wiley, Novelist and also Journalist George Packer, Ex-Deputy manager of the CIA"s Counter-Terrorism center Phillip Mudd and the national Affairs Editor of new York Magazine, Gabriel Sherman. Air date : 5th-May-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 15 - Adam Schiff; Annabelle Gurwitch; Jon Favreau; Killer Mike; Matt Welch

Bill"s interview guest is the autonomous U.S. Representative for California’s 28th district and also the Ranking Member of the house Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff. Bill"s roundtable includes: rapper, actor and also activist Michael Render (aka Killer Mike), blogger and libertarian political pundit Matt Welch, political commentator and the former Director of Speechwriting because that President Barack Obama Jon Favreau, and actress/comedian Annabelle Gurwitch. Air date : 12th-May-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 16 - Boris Epshteyn; Neil deGrasse Tyson; David Frum; Cornel West

Bill"s interview guest is former special assistant to chairman Donald Trump, Boris Epshteyn. Bill"s roundtable include: Princeton professor and also social justice activist Cornell West, previous Obama advisor and senior editor of the Atlantic, David Frum and astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson. Air date : 19th-May-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 17 - Ben Sasse; Tristan Harris; Eliot Spitzer; Rebecca Traister; Jim VandeHei

Bill"s interview guest is the Republican United claims Senator from Nebraska, Ben Sasse. Bill"s roundtable panel includes: previous NY State Attorney general Elliot Spitzer, writer-at-large for brand-new York Magazine, Rebecca Traister, the CEO and Co-Founder the Axios, Jim VandeHei and ex-design ethicist for Google, Tristan Harris. Air day : 2nd-Jun-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 18 - Michael Eric Dyson; ice cream Cube; David Gregory; David Jolly; Symone Sanders

Bill"s interview guest is Michael Eric Dyson, Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University, and also the author of "Tears we Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America." Dyson regularly writes about race and also politics in America together a columnist for The new York Times. Bill"s roundtable panel includes: CNN political commentator and also former "Meet The Press" moderator David Gregory, the former Republican Congressman from Florida, David Jolly, rapper and also actor ice Cube and the former national push secretary because that the Bernie Sanders campaign, Symone Sanders. Air day : 9th-Jun-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 19 - Alex Marlow; Eddie Izzard; Ian Bremmer; Malcolm Nance

Bill"s interview guest is Alex Marlow, that was the first employee the Breitbart News and also has to be the site"s editor-in-chief due to the fact that 2013. In 2015, Marlow was called to Forbes "30 Under 30" list. Bill"s roundtable panel includes MSNBC"s chief analyst for terrorism, torture and also cyber intelligence, Malcolm Nance, Eurasia team President Ian Bremmer and also actor and also comic Eddie Izzard. Air date : 16th-Jun-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 20 - Maajid Nawaz; Richard Painter; Bianna Golodryga; Charlie Sykes; Bradley Whitford

Bill"s interview guest is Maajid Nawaz. He is the founder of the world’s first counter-extremism think tank, Quilliam. He is co-author v Sam Harris of Islam and also the Future that Tolerance: A Dialogue. Bill"s roundtable dashboard includes: conservative political commentator and prominent "Never-Trump" member Charlie Sykes, Bianna Golodryga native Yahoo News, the previous White House ethics lawyer from the shrub (2) administration, Richard Painter and actor/political activist Bradley Whitford. Air day : 23rd-Jun-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 21 - Dan Savage; Dan Abrams, Katty Kay and Michael Steele; Richard A. Clarke

Bill"s interview guest is writer Dan Savage. Dan is the writer of the nationally syndicated column, “Savage Love,” and also host that the “Savage Lovecast” podcast. Bill"s roundtable panel includes the previous Republican national Committee chair and also MSNBC contributor Michael Steele, BBC America Newsnight anchor Katty Kay, former National security advisor Richard Clarke and also Mediate founder and also ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams. Air date : 30th-Jun-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 22 - Al Gore; Ralph Reed, Jr.; Kristen Soltis Anderson; Joshua Green; Michael Weiss
Season 15 episode 23 - Richard Dawkins; Jon Meacham and Fareed Zakaria; Jim Parsons

Bill"s interview guest is English ethologist, evolution biologist and author that the new book, "Science in the Soul", Richard Dawkins. Bill"s roundtable panel contains Washington short article columnist and also CNN commentator Fareed Zakaria, Pulitizer prize winning author and presidential historian Jon Meacham and four-time Emmy winning gibbs Jim Parsons. Air day : 11th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 24 - Al Franken; penn Jillette; Amy Holmes; Gavin Newsom

Bill"s roundtable panel includes the democratic U.S. Senator native Minnesota, Al Franken, the autonomous Lieutenant governor from California, Gavin Newsome, politics analyst for the Rasmussen Reports, Amy Holmes and also comedian/magician pen Gillette. Air day : 18th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 25 - Jesse Jackson; frank Bruni; Paul Begala; Nayyera Haq; Matt Welch

Bill"s interview guest is the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Bill"s roundtable panel consists of Democratic strategist and CNN politics contributor Paul Begala, former White House and State Department torture Nayyera Haq, Editor-At-Large for factor Magazine Matt Welch and brand-new York times columnist open minded Bruni. Air day : 25th-Aug-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 26 - illustration 436

Software company executive Ken Bone and also environmental activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez space the interview guests. The panelists are political commentator S.E. Cupp and writer Adam Gopnik. Air date : 8th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 27 - Bret Stephens; Tim Gunn; Fran Lebowitz; Salman Rushdie

Columnist Bret Stephens and also fashion guru Tim Gunn room the interview guests. The panelists are authors Fran Lebowitz and also Salman Rushdie. Air day : 15th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 28 - Barney Frank; Bob Costas; Catherine Rampell; boy name Short; rick Wilson

Former representative Barney Frank and also sportscaster Bob Costas are the interview guests. The panelists room columnist Catherine Rampell, actor Martin Short and Republican strategist stack Wilson. Air day : 22nd-Sep-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 29 - Paul Hawken; kurt Andersen; john Heilemann; April Ryan; Tom Morello

Air day : 29th-Sep-2017Read More

Season 15 illustration 30 - Billy Crystal; Russell Brand; Harold Ford Jr.; Olivia Nuzzi; Steve Schmidt

Actors Billy Crystal and also Russell Brand are the interview guests. The panelists are former representative Harold Ford Jr., reporter Olivia Nuzzi and Republican strategist Steve Schmidt. Air date : 6th-Oct-2017Read More

Season 15 episode 31 - zenith Min; Daryl Davis; James Carville; Erick Erickson; Margaret Hoover

Musician-activist Daryl Davis is an interview guest. The panelists space political strategist James Carville, conservative blogger Erick Erickson and also commentator Margaret Hoover. Air date : 20th-Oct-2017Read More


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