When you try to open the data paper you may encounter one error “Quicken Cannot open up The document because the is in use by one more Application” it usually happens as soon as the paper is syncing through a cloud communication such together Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.

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In this post, we we’ll discuss about the causes and solution techniques to fix it.


Causes for resolving this errorQuicken application might be grounding while opening the data fileQuicken file is synching through cloud platforms such together Google Drive, One Drive, etc.

Simple techniques to settle Quicken Cannot open up The record because that is in use by one more Application

Method 1: present Hidden Files and also Folders

Windows 10 and also 8

Press Windows+R keys to open up Run commandType Control and click OKClick Appearances and Personalization > file Explorer OptionsClick top top the View tabUnder Hidden files and folders, click on Show covert files, folders, and also drivesClick Apply and OK

Windows 7

Click on the Start buttonSelect Control panel > Appearance and PersonalizationSelect Folder OptionClick on ViewIn the advanced settings select Hidden Files and FolderChoose Show surprise files, folders and also drivesClick Apply and OKMethod 2: Delete Config, Data and Log FoldersMake a right-click on the Start buttonThen click File ExplorerSelect This PC from the left paneGo to Local decaying (C:) > routine DataNow open Intuit > Quicken folders respectivelyNow delete Config, Data and Log folders one by oneOpen Quicken software

You might no longer face this problem however in instance if the same trouble still exists you deserve to proceed more with the next troubleshooting methods.

Method 3: turn Off remote Drive temporary

Sometimes her Quicken data record is syncing with online far drives such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Carbonite, etc. You might need to pause the remote journey for a temporary duration of time the leads to fixing this problem.

Important: We use One journey as an example to describe this process.

To turn off the remote drive temporary:

Click top top the taskbar icon(see an image below)Move her cursor come One Drive and make a right-click top top itThen choose Pause syncingNow choose the period of time to revolve it off

Now open Quicken again and also you’ll no longer confront this trouble with your software.


We would favor to recommend is to relocate your Quicken data record from remote drive to computer local drive(C:). In this way, you’ll not confront this difficulty again.

To relocate the record from remote drive to regional drive:

By following the below steps you deserve to move the paper from remote journey to regional drive.

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Open Quicken softwareGo come File > present this paper to mine computerNext window show you the file, do a right-click ~ above it and select CopyNow navigate come C:\\Users\\Username\\Documents\\QuickenMake a right-click on blank room and pick Paste

Open Quicken document from the regional drive

Go come Quicken softwareClick on File > open Quicken File…Now browser the place where you conserved the fileThen make a single click top top a data fileClick Open and then follow on-screen indict to open up data record from regional drive

After following all the over methods you’ll no longer face “Quicken Cannot open up The record because it is in use by another Application” but in instance you still challenge the very same issue. You can speak through our professionals for a rapid resolution. Dial our assistance number or leave united state your message.