“Happy is the male who have the right to throw off the weight of eexceptionally treatment and recollect himself in holy contrition. Happy is the guy that casts from him all that have the right to stain or burden his conscience.”- Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

For a long time, I hosted the idea of happiness on a pedestal. I thought that happiness is something I need to accomplish via hills of work, hours of stress and anxiety, and nights of restless sleep. I thought that happiness deserve to just be completed after doing something excellent or after passing a certain thresorganize. Throughout the last 4 years, I discovered myself chasing happiness as this elusive goal. I discovered myself awake in the late hours of the night only to be up at the crack of dawn to gain through the amount of occupational I have to carry out. I uncovered myself constantly juggling extracurriculars, schooljob-related, and also personal tasks without leaving time for myself. I found myself struggling to gain through whatever I had planned on my never before finishing to-carry out list.

I discovered myself unhappy. Miserable. Lost.

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After a stressful and also hard fall semester, I was bracing myself for the influence of the Spring. I was preparing myself for endless nights, restmuch less days, and my daily dose of caffeinated drinks. I was preparing myself to go via the gauntlet of work-related and also anxiety to attain this principle of happiness.

But what did happiness mean to me? Was it the satisfaction that I finiburned somepoint great? Was it the diploma that I will certainly eventually get? Is it the life I am about to begin? If it is, what does that make this life I am living in now? What does the existing mean if I am constantly worrying around the future?

“As iron actors right into fire loses its rust and also becomes glowing white, so he that transforms completely to God is stripped of his sluggishness and changed right into a brand-new male. When a guy begins to grow lax, he fears a tiny toil and welcomes external comfort, however when he starts perfectly to dominate himself and also to walk bravely in the ways of God, then he thinks those things much less difficult which he assumed so tough before.” - Thomas à Kempis, The Imitation of Christ

In January, I discovered myself through my field research study team in the Marin Headlands and also everything clicked. Standing over the water, among the trees and also the taking in the fresh air, I paprovided for a minute to take whatever in. I can hear the sounds of the waves crashing against the coastline and the birds softly chirping in the distance. I can taste the saltiness of the air and also feel the cold breeze come over me.

I found myself in peace. I uncovered myself in the Kingdom of God.

I am reminded of Psalm 28:7, “The Lord is my stamina and also shield. I trust him via all my heart. He helps me, and also my heart is filled through joy. I burst out in songs of thanksproviding.”

Delight shouldn’t be elusive. Pleasure shouldn’t be a remote future because we are living in the current, the now. In the beginning, God developed every little thing we watch, smell, taste, and feel. Now, we have to take on the presents that are provided to us every day. In the start, God created a people that we will certainly love and also prosper in. Now, we have to take care of this world and also truly check out His love and grace in every little thing roughly us.

Happiness can be found in ordinary things. Delight is a gift from God - a gift that never stops giving. Once we can release ourselves from the mentality of work + time = happiness, we have the right to truly take on His Love and Grace.

We live in a beautiful, loving world with the Children of God via souls of gold. Our happiness have the right to be unlocked by opening our hearts to the love of others and also the love of God. Our happiness deserve to be reborn when we open up our hearts and also souls to the beautiful civilization we live in.

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In the beginning, He produced the Sun, Moon, and also Stars. In the now, we uncover happiness in His masterpiece.