The fact is that as a company driver you"re not supposed to modify the inner of the truck a lot, in various other words, you can"t be installing a tv mount on the wall.

However before, the majority of trucks have a flat room wbelow you deserve to out your belongings. What I expect by level space is you"ll have actually cabinets and above those cabinets will be simply a plain level area that acts choose a table. Put the tv over tbelow. Is usually also has a strap so that you can fasten the bottom of the tv mount to prevent movement.

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I do not recommfinish anything bigger than a 22". If you have actually any type of concerns around TVs let me know, I used to settle them and know a lot about all kinds of TVs.


Hours Of Service

HOS describes the logbook hours of service regulations.
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7 years, 7 months ago

Thanks that"s what I wanted to recognize...I have a 17" lapoptimal however do not like to watch TV on it because occasionally it likes to time out and go into power conserving mode

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7 years, 7 months ago

Thanks that"s what I wanted to know...I have a 17" lappeak however don"t choose to watch TV on it bereason occasionally it likes to time out and also go right into power saving mode

You have the right to go into the power options on the lappeak and either set it to go into sleep mode later or rotate sleep mode off altogether. I usage a 17" LED TV. It was more than significant sufficient to watch comfortably and fit just best on the flat spot he was referring to and it had actually a strap so my TV didnt bounce roughly when it acquired bumpy.

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Thanks that"s what I wanted to know...I have actually a 17" lapoptimal yet do not choose to watch TV on it because occasionally it likes to time out and go into power conserving mode

You deserve to go right into the power choices on the lapoptimal and either collection it to go into sleep mode later or rotate sleep mode off altogether. I usage a 17" LED TV. It was even more than massive enough to watch comfortably and fit simply ideal on the flat spot he was referring to and also it had a strap so my TV didnt bounce approximately as soon as it gained bumpy.

Cool...I"ll have to look right into doing that or I have to say finding that alternative in Windows 8...I provided my GF my 15" laptop and bought a brand-new one with a 17" screen and backlighted key-board so I deserve to view to form in the dark yet I would prefer to have actually a Small TV too so I do not burn up all my cell min"s trying to watch TV on my lapoptimal and also that brings up one more question just how execute you obtain your signals..? Do you usage a dish, a USB point or continual antenna..?Thanks for answering

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It"s your lucky day, I have actually a HP lappeak likewise supplies home windows 8. On the desktop computer display on the bottom theres is a icon that is a folder on the start bar, open up it. and also open up it to full display. Makes it less complicated to tell you next component. at the extremely top you watch the File Home Share View share things there the Arrow pointing I guess to your best. click it and it will lug out a drop menu. click on Control Panel. Click on the green lettering of Hardware and Sound, click it and on the left side of your display screen you"ll check out all the alternatives and in the direction of the bottom of that list you"ll watch "Choose as soon as to rotate off the Display. Hope it helps.

To the various other questions. On my truck the company had actually a real time GPS locater so they know wright here I am at at any given time. Well on the Flat spot wbelow the TV goes tbelow is a hook up that you screw into the item on your tv and also it acts prefer the Old school bunny ear antennas, where ever before your at if it had good signal you turn the tv on and go into menu and also do the search for networks. what ever before channels are neighborhood in the location your in it picks up.

On my truck the CB had a slot around the middle part of the cab that had prefer a slot that pulled dvery own for the CB thats where it had actually the power hook up and the adapter to screw right into the antenna receiving part of the CB. and also we offered pretty much stock Antenna"s installed on the optimal bracket of the driver and passenger side Mirror. A CB shop will certainly hook it up and tune it for like 10-20 bucks. a starter CB is around $100 bucks. I run Flatbed so the majority of our shippers and also receivers forced us to have them to connect via the guard shack.

On the various other stuff. Big truck stops favor Pilot, Flying J, Loves, TA. They have WIFI set up all about the truck parking area and also for a fee you have the right to use theirs. But When I am On the road, I usage a internet provider dubbed Clear 4g. It hooks into your USB port and uses signals from the substantial cell phone towers it has a contract through, functions anywhere the reduced 48, although some times it wont have actually a signal but for the the majority of part it did good. Their website is I do not recognize the begin up price currently considering that they linked through Sprint Cellular yet when I gained it, Start up price was $100 for the USB unit and also shipping. yet its a no contract pay as you go Web organization provider. it"s a reasonable price per month.

And to the Dish question. Personally i"ve never before had actually or provided a satellite Dish setup although I perform desire one. 500 networks while on the road, It"ll make your down time even more enjoyable and relaxing. I think the organization is provided by Dish netjob-related. the substantial satellite cable net work-related.Many motorists I check out that have actually them, as soon as parked the pull it out and also mount it on the mirror bracket. then they start up the Signal finder. ( to find which direction to suggest the Dish) I"m not sure about now however I recognize at one suggest Pilot and also stuff marketed the devices. If i respeak to correctly the start up price was expensive but that is because your buying the dish unit.

Hope that helps.


The customer who is shipping the freight. This is wright here the driver will pick up a load and then provide it to the receiver or consignee.

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When a violation by either a driver or company is shown, an out-of-company order clears either the driver or the auto from the roadmeans until the violation is corrected.