The U.S. Republic of Puerto Rico is much less than 1,000 mile from several cities in Florida. (Photo: DC Productions/Photodisc/Getty photos )

Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the unified States, is a frequent destination for American tourists, who require no passports or vi to visit the Caribbean island, and also for Puerto Rican nationals life in the U.S. Puerto Rico"s major airports nearest to the States, both along the island"s north edge, space Luis Munoz Marin global Airport in mountain Juan and the smaller Rafael Hernandez airport in Aguadilla, near the beaches that Porta del Sol follow me Puerto Rico"s west coast. Together you might expect, the closestly U.S. Cities to Puerto Rico are in the state the Florida.

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Miami is the closest U.S. City to Puerto Rico, measure a street of about 980 mile from Aguadilla, i beg your pardon lies top top the northwest reminder of the island and also therefore is one of the nearest Puerto Rican urban to the U.S. Mainland. Miami is roughly 1,035 miles from san Juan. Direct commercial flights indigenous Miami worldwide Airport are available only to san Juan. A exclusive or charter airplane would be required to fly into Aguadilla indigenous Miami.


Often referred to as the gateway come the Florida Everglades, the city of house is about 32 mile southwest that Miami, around 983 miles from Aguadilla and also just more than 1,040 miles from mountain Juan. Return no advertisement flights from homestead to Puerto Rico room available, exclusive planes have the right to fly indigenous Homestead general Aviation Airport come the U.S. Commonwealth.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, around a half-hour northeast the Miami, is just slightly farther from Puerto Rico than Miami and Homestead. Fort Lauderdale, which has straight commercial flights from fort Lauderdale-Hollywood global Airport come both of northern Puerto Rico"s worldwide airports, is around 984 miles from Aguadilla and around 1,040 mile from mountain Juan.

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Other Florida Cities

Several other major Florida cities are within 1,200 miles of Puerto Rico. West Palm coast is around 1,003 mile from Aguadilla and around 1,057 miles from mountain Juan. An essential West is about 1,031 miles from Aguadilla and 1,092 from mountain Juan. Orlando and its countless theme parks are around 1,132 miles from Aguadilla and also 1,184 from san Juan, while Tampa is around 1,173 mile from Aguadilla and also 1,227 from san Juan. Every of these Florida cities -- with the exemption of vital West -- has actually an worldwide airport that gives non-stop commercial flights come one or both places in Puerto Rico; from crucial West, charter flights straight to Puerto Rico space available.