ENERGY STAR products

ENERGY STAR is the simple choice for power efficiency, make it easy for consumers and also businesses come purchase products that save them money and protect the environment. EPA ensures the each product that earns the brand is independently certified to deliver the effectiveness performance and savings that consumers have come to expect. It’s the integrity that led americans to purchase more than 300 million energy STAR certified assets in 2019 and an ext than 300 million energy STAR certified light bulbs, with a sector value of much more than $100 billion. In fact, an median of 800,000 energy STAR certified assets was marketed every day in 2019, bringing the total to an ext than 7 billion products sold because 1992. Learn more about power STAR products.

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ENERGY STAR for buildings and plants

ENERGY STAR tools and resources help businesses identify cost-effective ideologies to regulating energy usage in your buildings and plants—enabling the private sector to conserve energy, increase profits, and strengthen your competitiveness. Indigenous commercial properties such together hospitals, schools, and also offices and also tenant spaces, to industrial facilities such together cookie and cracker bakeries and also integrated steel mills, thousands of businesses and organizations look to power STAR because that guidance top top strategic energy management.

ENERGY STAR for the residential sector

ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments are at least 10% much more energy efficient than those built to code and accomplish a 20% improvement on mean while giving homeowners and residents with far better quality, performance, and also comfort. Much more than 3 thousand builders, developers, and also manufactured real estate plants are energy STAR partners, including all of the nation’s twenty largest home builders. Over 2.2 million power STAR certified dwellings have been constructed to date, including an ext than 120,000 in 2020 alone. EPA likewise provides trusted guidance and online devices to assist homeowners do smart decisions about improving the energy performance of your existing homes. In addition, an ext than 70,000 master retrofitted their homes through the home Performance with energy STAR regimen in 2020, for a total of virtually 950,000 come date. Learn more about power STAR for the residential sector.

Utilities and local federal governments rely on energy STAR

Nationwide, utilities invest $8.4 exchange rate in energy performance programs in 2019. With hundreds of different utilities scattered roughly the country, EPA theatre a vital unifying duty to overview their energy efficiency programs. EPA enables utilities to leverage energy STAR together a common national platform, preventing the development of hundreds of independent utility programs throughout the nation, which can fragment the market and stall innovation. An ext than 840 utilities, state and local governments, and also nonprofits leverage power STAR in their performance programs, reaching roughly 97% of families in all 50 states.

ENERGY STAR, jobs, and the economy

ENERGY STAR supports the change to a clean energy economic climate by fostering jobs and also economic development, better competitiveness, and also a healthy environment. Energy STAR certified products, homes, buildings, and also plants helped save american families and also businesses almost 500 exchange rate kilowatt-hours that electricity and also avoid $39 billion in energy costs in 2019 alone. The power STAR routine leverages significant private investment – end the life that the program, every disagreement EPA has actually spent on power STAR led to $250 invested by American businesses and also households in energy efficient infrastructure and also services.

Additionally, follow to the U.S. Energy and Employment Report, end 800,000 Americans room employed in production or installing energy STAR certified appliances, consisting of heating and also cooling equipment -- around 35% of an approximated 2.4 million U.S. Energy effectiveness jobs in 2019. Moreover, by increasing energy efficiency, energy STAR is sustaining U.S. Energy security and helping boost the integrity of the electrical power grid.

ENERGY STAR and the environment

ENERGY STAR is an essential tool in fighting climate change, enhancing air quality, and also protecting windy health. By reducing emissions the greenhouse gases and other wait pollutants, energy STAR also provides states and local governments with more flexibility and reduced expenses towards meeting their climate, wait quality, and public health and wellness goals. In 2019 alone, power STAR and its partners aided Americans save virtually 500 exchange rate kilowatt-hours that electricity and avoid $39 billion in energy costs. This savings resulted in linked emission to reduce of virtually 390 million metric tons of greenhouse gases, about equivalent come 5% that U.S. Total greenhouse gas emissions. These savings likewise led come reductions the 220,000 quick tons of sulfur dioxide, 220,000 quick tons the nitrogen oxides, and 27,000 brief tons of well particulate issue (PM2.5). The avoided air pollution because of ENERGY STAR to be responsible because that an approximated $7 – 17 exchange rate in public health and wellness benefits in 2019 alone. Since 1992, energy STAR has helped mitigate 4 billion metric lots in greenhouse gas reductions.Over the lifetime of the program, for every dissension of EPA investment, 3 metrics loads of GHGs have actually been reduced.

ENERGY STAR and also equity

Beyond the emissions reduce benefits detailed above, energy STAR depends on number of pathways to assist disadvantaged consumers accessibility the program and save money. Because that example, power STAR prioritizes outreach to low-income populaces on products that have actually the biggest opportunity to conserve energy and also dollars. And also for commodities that may be cost-prohibitive, such as replacement windows, the power STAR regime looks for alternatives. In the instance of windows, EPA recently added storm home windows as a brand-new ENERGY STAR product category, giving consumers a lower-cost choice that is less complicated to install. Paired with carefully researched bilingual messaging, utility-sponsored rebates, and geo-targeted heralding to encourage purchases, power STAR certified commodities can deliver far-ranging cost savings for low-income families.

ENERGY STAR is additionally focused on boosting the energy performance of affordable homes throughout all sectors. Roughly 20% of power STAR builder partners work-related in the affordable housing space, including 550 Habitat for humankind affiliates who have constructed an ext than 18,000 energy STAR certified homes. Power STAR likewise partners through 100 manufactured housing plants that have built an ext than 114,000 energy STAR certified manufactured homes. In ~ the multifamily sector, more than 75 percent of energy STAR multifamily high-rise jobs are identified as affordable housing. In addition, energy STAR home certification is offered as criteria by more than 30 state federal government housing finance program that provide low-income real estate tax credits.

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For added details around ENERGY STAR accomplishments see energy STAR Impacts. For energy STAR facts and also figures damaged down geographically by state, see power STAR State reality Sheets. For achievements by energy STAR compensation Winners, check out the energy STAR compensation Winners Page.