To storage the very prolific, influential and diverse human body of work-related left behind by Prince, we will certainly be exploring a different song the his every day for an entire year with the series 365 Prince song in a Year.

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Given his career-long stance in favor of female empowerment, it's somewhat fitting the Prince frequently covered songs taped by women. In enhancement to Joni Mitchell's "A case of You" and also Joan Osbourne's "One of Us," he also cut "I Can't make You Love Me," a ballad the Bonnie Raitt required to the peak 20 in 1991.

His cover come out top top Emancipation, his 1996 triple-disc collection that ushered in a brand-new free-agent era after his prolonged and contentious battle with Warner Bros. While its illustration -- along with "One the Us" top top the very same album -- may have seemed favor a straightforward recognition that a current song the liked, the lesser-known truth is the he and also Raitt had worked together almost a decade before.

After spending the '70s do acclaimed-but-moderate-selling documents (coincidentally, also for Warner Bros.), through the mid-'80s, Raitt was without a label. Needing to rebuild her career, she stop drinking, and then she got a speak to in November 1986 from Prince.

“He said, ‘It was unfortunate you were treated that method and would you prefer to come and do part songs together at Paisley Park? ns really appreciate women artists and also I’ve always admired you,’” she recalled come the Star Tribune in 2016. “I was looking at several offers and I didn’t understand if it would certainly be a great fit because that me and also I didn’t desire to necessarily make a commercial run hit or have that sort of profile. Ns said, ‘If we could meet in the middle and also just therefore you know that I’m no coming end to be produced by you and also be a pawn in her playground. If it deserve to be a actual collaboration, climate I’d prefer to execute it.’”

"It was exciting to watch what he would come increase with," she called the Chicago Tribune in respectable 1987, "especially since I`m political and not a an extremely shy person, and he`s not an extremely political and he is very shy. However the truth that us both perform R&B, and also now the I`ve heard the songs, the makes finish sense come me. It came out yes, really well."

"It to be nice come be working with an additional singer and guitarist," Raitt continued. "There was a many mutual respect. There isn`t any type of danger that his steamrolling me right into his own image. I`m strong enough personality-wise therefore I`m not going to be told exactly how to sing. He was no any an ext demanding than I to be of myself."

Years later, however, she had actually a various perspective ~ above the tracks. “I evaluate the enthusiasm, yet they were no in mine key,” she said. “The topics were not points I to be comfortable singing. It to be something choose ‘You have the right to mess me about all over town / but we’re quiet cool / I choose being your fool.’ That’s no something I’d sing. He to be guessing about the lyrics. Ns loved the monitor but because I wasn’t there ns said, ‘We’re walking to have to reconvene.’ ... Castle were 4 or 5 keys lower than what i sing."

They never reconvened, and also the songs never ever came out. According to the Chicago Tribune, she put vocals and lead guitar to 3 tracks -- two R&B and one reggae -- the he created, return PrinceVault only has actually details around two of them. Both "I require a Man" and "Promise to it is in True" stemmed native his work with Vanity 6. The previous was composed in 1981 for the Hookers, the pre-Denise Matthews version of the group, while the latter was slated for their 2nd record, but the split between Prince and also Matthews brought about the end of the group.

Still, Raitt claimed the time working with him was "a most fun. The couldn’t have actually been nicer” and they remained in touch end the years. And as it turns out, she bounced ago without his help. She signed through Capitol and, in 1989 exit Nick of Time, i m sorry topped Billboard's album chart, won 5 Grammys and sold five million copies. Eighteen year after her debut, she had finally accomplished the stardom she deserved.

"I Can't make You Love Me" appeared on the follow-up, 1991's Luck the the Draw. Composed by Allen Shamblin and also former pro football player Mike Reid, Raitt called it "one of the many honest and also original heartache songs ns had ever heard. It was a allude of view that I had actually been ~ above both political parties of, and it to win me deeply."

Millions agreed with her. V the aid of Bruce Hornsby on piano, it reached No. 18 top top the hot 100 and also No. 6 on the Adult modern-day chart, and also Luck the the Draw outsold Nick the Time. "It’s meant so much," she continued, including that "of all the songs I’ll ever be linked with, the variety of people -- of all races, all ages, every musical genres -- that come approximately me and almost tear increase talking around what that song way to them, that’ll make it the biggest gift I’ve ever had musically."

Prince's cover, re-titled "Eye Can’t make U Love Me" in his style (with a depiction of an eye at the beginning), retained the plan sparse, but included a heavy dose that '70s philadelph soul, including an electrical sitar, elevator vocals, Eric Leeds' saxophone and a command vocal the wavered in-and-out of his falsetto (he must have actually been thinking a lot about that era during the Emancipation sessions; he additionally covered the Stylistics' "Betcha through Golly Wow!").

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But although Raitt referred to as his variation "very beautiful," there was one an especially '70s-inspired component of Prince's take the bothered Raitt's producer Don to be -- the seductive breakdown.

"He’s such a good singer and you deserve to marvel at the technique," the told Stereogum, "but then he gets to the vamp and also he states something prefer 'Come here, baby, ns am going come sex you up,' or something prefer that. He’s gained no idea what the track is about. I have actually never heard a guy who can sing it. I don’t know if a guy deserve to sing the song."